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The 13 Types of People You are Guaranteed to See at the Airport During Spring Break

With spring break coming up, the airports are going to be packed full of people trying to escape the cold weather. Working at an airport, I get a free first-class ticket to all the craziness. Here are the 13 types of travellers you’ll see during the winter season and spring break.

The Complainers

One of the worst kinds of people in an airport, they complain about everything from the temperature in the terminal, to the long walk to their gate. The worst is when they complain about their delayed flights. Alright, we know you’re upset about the flight delay but I don’t control the weather. Do I look like Mother Nature to you?


The Unaccompanied Minor

These little tykes are the most calm, friendly, and cool travellers you’ll see strutting around eating pizza or other goodies!

The Tour Groups

Confused, wearing the same outfits, and taking 1000 pictures of everything they see.

The “One Too Manys”

These people have watched Dirks Bentley’s “Drunk On a Plane” music video too many times and will realistically be escorted off by the police. They are also the most common people that will be coming through the airport in the next couple weeks due to spring break… and they will also cause the of majority of my headaches!


The Family of 5000

I can’t even imagine how expensive all those airplane tickets cost.

The Sports Team

Football and basketball and hockey, OH MY!! I think this is the best part about working at an airport, no complaints here!

The Connecting Flight Travellers

I seriously don’t understand why people book their connecting flights so close together and then think they are entitled to skip the line because their flight is leaving. Nevertheless, if you see these groups running through the terminal, you’d better get out of their way because they’ll stop at nothing to make their flight.


The Competitive Sleepers

These travellers spend all day or night in an airport waiting for their flights. Especially during the winter season, it can get quite exciting to see what new sleeping positions people come up with.

The Crazy Security Checkpoints

If lines couldn’t get any worse, you’ve got these random security check points.


The Nostalgic Traveller

These are the travellers coming home wearing shorts and tanks because they can’t let go of the 30-degree weather and they are blind to the snowstorm they are coming back to. Hopefully they packed something warm to wear out of the airport.

The Screaming Child

Get your earplugs ready and hope you don’t get stuck on a flight with the child who’s got a big set of pipes on them.


The Celebrity

How do they look so perfect coming off an 8-hour flight? HOW?!?

The Over-Packer

These people are the hardest to spot as you can barely see them over the gigantic pile of luggage they’ve got. Seriously, how many bags do you need for a 5-day vacation?


So if you’re planning on going away for spring break, on behalf of everyone working at the airport that will have to encounter you, please don’t be one of these people. But in all honesty, I wish everyone a safe flight to whichever fun and sunny place they’re heading for spring break. Party on Collegiettes!


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