11 Wonderful Things We Won’t Take for Granted Once Pandemic Energy is Over

We should all be a few weeks into following the social distancing and quarantine guidelines and if social media is any indication, we’re feeling acutely aware of how the pandemic has disrupted our day-to-day lives. It’s hard, but I think it’s important to acknowledge that given how COVID-19 has affected less-developed countries, our boredom is a privilege. However, once the world has righted itself, we’re going to be so grateful for little luxuries that we’d taken for granted.

1. Running unexpectedly into a friend and giving them a hug

Think of all the times in your life where you’ve been out and about, and you bump right into someone you’re friends with. When this is all over, you can run up to that friend and hug them to say hello!

2. Wanting an iced coffee and going into a coffee shop to get one

This has been a major loss for individuals who view caffeine as an essential service. Sure, the Keurig gets the job done, but when I get that first sip of grande iced coffee with half the sweetener and soy milk? I’m going to savour that bliss.

3. Buying hand sanitizer that smells like a vanilla sunset in Shanghai

Remember going into Bath and Body Works and smelling all the different hand sanitizers? And you would buy one just because it smelled like sunshine and happiness and had sparkles in it, and not because there was a national shortage of hand sanitizer.

4. Going to a bar

That’s it. I miss going to bars. Getting drunk over facetime with friends gets the job done, but it just isn’t the same.

5. Seeing fully stocked toilet paper aisles

I miss a world where toilet paper was just something you used to wipe your ass, and it was not the new global currency. I miss going to the store and just seeing stacks on stacks of personal tissue, and once the mountains of double-ply return to the majestic landscape of Walmart, I’ll know that life is returning to normal.

6. Seeing cute dogs on the street and saying hello

When I see a cute dog on the street, I like to gravitate towards them to get a better view of all the doggo magic. When I’m able to approach the dogs (and owners) again, I will revel in the furry introduction.

7. Clearing your throat without fearing the worst

There is going to come a time where a sneeze is just a sneeze, and a cough is just a cough. People will be able to do these things (even in public!) and they will no longer fear that it is a sign of something more sinister than a cold.

8. Eating in restaurants

Picture this: You and your partner are hungry and fighting over what kind of food to get. Once you finally settle on a place, you don’t sit at home waiting for the brave uber eats driver to drop off the dishes, but instead, you go into the restaurant to be served by the waiter.

9. Playing football in the park

To be fair, I have never done this. When social distancing guidelines are dropped, I will still never do this. But, I’m sure that many people will be thrilled at the opportunity to play sports against near-strangers again.

10. Posing for photos with your arms wrapped around each other

Even posing for photos that aren’t just screenshots of Zoom meetings. But, there will come a time where the go-to pose of unity and friendship will no longer be a symbol of social irresponsibility.

11. Free samples of food in stores

Grocery shopping in general is something that I will never take for granted again, and I will especially never take for granted the employees of grocery stores. But, one day, I know that I will be able to mindlessly walk into the store and eat that sample of artisanal cheese and pretend to consider buying it.

This is just a short list of wonderful things that we will experience again and appreciate more than we have before, but feel free to create your own list of things to look forward to. As much as following social distancing guidelines has disrupted life as we know it, it’s important to remember that the world will right itself again and that we can grow from this experience to be more mindful of our everyday luxuries.