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4 Tips for Balancing Being a Full-Time Student With a Job

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wichita chapter.

Being a full time college student can have its trials, and adding a job to that can make life seem overwhelming. Follow these four tips to keep yourself sane during this busy time of your life.



Use your time wisely.

School can take up a lot of your day, only to turn around and get ready for a job that can take up a majority of the evening. Utilize time on your days off to get ahead on homework assignments. Write in a journal or agenda to keep track of your work and school schedule. You are more likely to remember your schedule if it is written down somewhere.

Speak up.

If you’re involved in clubs, sports, or other on-campus events in addition to class, it’s important to prioritize! Sometimes your work schedule can interfere with your other commitments, let your bosses know when you have a club meeting or special event you wish to attend. Many jobs can be flexible and considerate of extracurricular activities if you are open with them. The only way to let them know your needs is to speak up about it!

Monitor your mental health.

Your well-being matters. Use your off days to get that extra hour of sleep, cook a nice meal or even go out with friends and have fun. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, lean on a support system of family and friends that will be there for you. If you need more professional support, Wichita State provides counseling and mental health services available at Grace Wilkie Hall Room 320.

Remember that you’re doing just fine.

Getting a degree with a job on the side isn’t easy, and if you’re doing both right now, this is your reminder that you’re doing great. You are gaining a quality work ethic balancing work and your academic courses. Your resume will thank you for your hard work in the future. 

Mystic Ross

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I am a sophomore studying elementary education, and I hope to teach kindergartners one day! I am passionate about pets, coffee, music, poetry and literature. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
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