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It can be beneficial to both the planet and local communities to think about where the products you buy are coming from. Shopping sustainably and locally is something that more and more people are beginning to consciously think about when choosing where to shop. In this article, I’ve included some awesome fashion brands that pride themselves on their sustainable practices and are all founded and operated by Canadian women. These companies are all based in Canada and provide country-wide shipping. Whether you’re looking for jewelry or clothes, these trendy fashion-forward ladies have got you covered! 


Lis the Label 

Lis the Label is an amazing jewelry company focused on providing men and women with a luxurious experience at affordable prices. The trendy items are the perfect touch to any outfit! Lis the Label emphasizes giving back to the community by donating a portion of the profit from each order to a different cause each month! Not only is the brand amazing, the founder Lisa is a Western University alumni herself!  

Instagram: lis.the.label

Website: https://listhelabel.com/ 

Kashi Vintage 

Kashi is Sanskrit for luminous, which is how the founder of Kashi Vintage came up with the name. Kashi Vintage is another trendy and luxurious jewelry brand, selling a variety of repurposed designer jewelry. The focus is on making everyone feel luxurious: an experience the company believes everyone deserves!

Instagram: kashivintage

Website: https://www.kashivintage.com/ 

Mirai Jewelry 

Mirai Jewelry is dedicated to providing customers with an outstanding experience. The company focuses on providing high-end, trendy pieces at more affordable prices. The mission of Mirai Jewelry is to create high-quality designs that stay ahead of the trends. This amazing brand aims to prove that looking your best does not need to break your bank! 

Instagram: miraijewelry 

Website: https://miraijewelry.ca/ 


XLIX 49 

XLIX 49 is created by Evelyn Recinos, a Latina/Canadian woman who is proud to say this company is made for everyone – no matter gender, shape, or size. The brand strives to be inclusive and promote self-love. Evelyn’s love for photography, fashion and music are what drove her to create a brand that makes everyone feel confident, comfortable and fashionable. Although her goal seemed unattainable at times, Evelyn pushed through the ups and downs, with the support of her family and was able to launch XLIX 49 in 2020. Her family is her biggest support and they’ve helped her to be able to do what she loves. The main message of XLIX 49 is, “Don’t ignore your own potential” – something Evelyn hopes everyone will live by. The brand offers different collections of comfortable and trendy clothes, as well as bags!

Instagram: xlix.49 

Website: https://xlix49.com/ 


comodo is Italian for comfortable. The company was launched in 2020 by Carly & Diandra and all products are made in Toronto. It was created because the founders struggled to find the perfect loungewear set. comodo strives for comfort, convenience and leisure. This brand aims to make everyone feel fashionable and chic. comodo offers a range of loungewear sets for all seasons! 

Instagram: wearecomodo 

Website: https://wearecomodo.com/

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