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Winter Hobbies to Get You Through the Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

We all know that winter can be draining and even stir up some negative feelings or seasonal depression. With being inside a lot more and the weather getting gloomy, it’s normal to feel less inspired or positive. Even if we can’t completely control the seasons or our lack of motivation, here are some easy hobbies that can keep us busy, even if it’s just to get through the day.

Painting and Colouring

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Photo by Our Kind of Crazy

Painting, colouring, and water colouring are all easy ways to be creative because all you need is you and some art supplies. Doing things like art where there’s no pressure to be good or even to finish it can help us destress and take our minds off of other things for a while. You can do it alone or with friends, with some music in the background, with some drinks and snacks, or even make a whole night out of it.

Learning Something New

There are so many internet resources like Duolingo, Masterclass, or Skillshare where you can learn something new while having fun. This can be anything from learning a new instrument to how to make the best charcuterie board. Learning a new skill is not only useful, but it also helps our minds work and get out of our repetitive routines. 

Reading (But Switch It Up)

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Photo from Pinterest

This may be the most talked about hobby, but it had to be included because reading can look so different for everyone. There’s something for everyone and even if you do read consistently and want something different, trying a new genre or method of reading can help change up your routine.

Here’s a TikTok that can help guide you through new genres with book recommendations!

TikTok from @theshamelessbookclub

Cross Stitching


What is cross stitch? Well, one might say it’s the stitching of crosses. #crossstitchoftiktok #embroidery #needlework

♬ original sound – myninotchka

TikTok from @myninotchka

This is a personal favourite that and is sure to keep you occupied for a long time. Get a kit from the craft store or Amazon and you’ll get all the tools you need to make a pre-made design or you can get creative and make up your own. This is another great activity to do while you’re listening to music or even watching a movie as you don’t need to be fully concentrated on it and the repetitive motions make it easy to unwind.

Edit a Video with Old Footage

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Photo by Filtergrade
Get creative and make a montage or movie with footage from the past year or from what you have in your photo library. This is a great way to compile memories or even just for fun to make a montage from your life. With free editing software like iMovie or Vimeo, making your life a movie has never been easier.

Try Out New Recipes

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Photo by @mxriyum on Instagram

Something else to help us change routines is trying out new meals, baking, or even making cocktails at home. This can be small changes like trying a new breakfast you saw on TikTok or making an event out of it and hosting a dinner party where you take on a recipe you’ve never made before. Meals are something so essential to our routines, so changing it up once in a while is sure to help us if we’re ever in a slump. 

For inspiration, some of my favourite food pages on Instagram are @mxriyum and @themondaypastaclub 

Take on Something that Makes You Uncomfortable

The last hobby to take on during this winter season is anything that makes you slightly uncomfortable. These things not only will help you grow but doing something uncomfortable forces us to focus on them and rework parts of our brain and body. This can be something that makes you physically uncomfortable like trying a new workout or something mentally challenging like creative writing. 

It goes without saying to know your limits and be within reason of your comfort zone, but taking on something that challenges you can help you grow and learn from it. Our routines always need some change and getting out of our comfort zones, even if it’s just a new hobby to help us get through the winter season with a bit more excitement.

I'm Mariana Molina, a third-year political science and media student at the University of Western Ontario. I am a writer for Her Campus with interests in current events, lifestyle and culture.