Winter Bucket List

It’s winter time! On one hand, it is cold, windy and dark outside almost all of the time. On the other hand, this season has fun holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Plus, it gives you an excuse to either go outside and have a snowball fight or stay inside with a hot drink and a cozy warm blanket. Whether you love or hate this time of year, here is the ultimate winter bucket list that you should try to accomplish by the time you graduate from Western. Some of the items on the list have already passed, so if you didn’t complete them this year, you can always do them next year! Good luck!

1)    Have some fun during Frost Week

The week back from the winter break, also known as frost week here at Western University, is awesome. Frost Week is like O-Week as it consists of mostly just reviewing course outlines and light readings (hopefully). That’s why it is the perfect time to celebrate! Whether you go out to party or just hang out with friends, this is the time to celebrate that little slice of free time…because trust me, those midterms come around way too quick so make sure you use that time well.

2)    Go skating at Victoria Park

If you haven’t gone skating at Victoria Park, you are missing out! From December to March every year, Victoria Park in downtown London has this big outdoor ice rink that is free for everyone from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day of the week! You can either bring your own skates or rent a pair for seven dollars. This is the perfect winter activity in London if you need a break from all your midterms and assignments.

3)    Go see Rick McGhie on a Wednesday night

Do you know what’s better than waiting in line in the freezing cold to get into Ceeps or Jack’s? Having a drink with some friends and listening to Rick McGhie play classic songs that everyone knows and loves! In case you don’t know, for many years now, Rick McGhie has played old classic hits at the Spoke every Wednesday night. I recently went to my first Rick’s night and had such a good time! Spending your Wednesday night at the Spoke jamming out to good music is a fun, wholesome way to spend your night out that will definitely lift your spirits if you’re experiencing the winter blues.

4)    Join a rec center class

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to be healthy or to exercise more? Well, taking a rec center class can definitely help you with that! Whether you’re interested in a high-intensity class like cardio-kicking or a more relaxing class like yoga, you are bound to find something that works for you! Check out the class schedules on their website.


5)    Toboggan down UC Hill

If you haven’t done this one, it is very important that you do it before you leave Western! Grab a cafeteria tray (if you’re in residence), an actual toboggan or any other flat object and slide down the hill in style. Trust me, you won’t regret it! Bonus points if you have a snowball fight and/or make a snowman, too!


6)    Ski, snowboard or tube at Boler Mountain

While tobogganing on UC Hill is fun, another way to play in the snow is to have a fun day on Boler Mountain. Although Boler Mountain is pretty far from campus, skiing or tubing is a great way to de-stress and escape from the library. Plus, if you go on a Wednesday and show your ID, you can get a four-hour lift ticket for 24 dollars and rentals for 24 dollars.


7)    Use the underground tunnel system on campus

Let’s be honest, no one wants to walk outside on a cold, snowy, windy day in London. So if you haven’t already, why not take advantage of Western’s underground tunnel system? This is the perfect way to stay warm when you’re walking from one class to the next. Get the map of all the tunnel passageways here.

8)    Curl up and go see a film at Western Film

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE movies. The only thing is they are always so expensive. That’s why Western Film is the best—the tickets are really cheap for students! Western Film is on the second floor of the UCC and almost every night of the week it shows blockbuster films for great prices. Also, if you’re not into new blockbusters, you can always go see a cult classic on a Friday night like The Room or Heathers. Also, bonus points if you finish the trough, the massive tub of popcorn they sell! Aaaaah… there’s nothing quite like curling up and seeing a good (and cheap) flick on a cold snowy night.


9)    Go do something fun and crazy indoors

What do I mean by fun and crazy? Just let off a little steam by gathering your friends and doing a fun activity inside like bowling, trying an escape room, playing laser tag, going rock-climbing or going to an indoor trampoline park. My advice: as these activities can sometimes be expensive, look up whether they have a student discount (i.e. 15% off for students at The Factory) or a cheaper time to go in order to have fun while not breaking the bank!


10)  Grab a hot drink at a nice cozy café

Now don’t get me wrong. I love me a good cup of tea or hot chocolate from Starbucks or Tim Hortons, but sometimes it’s important to shake things up! Whether you go to Commonwealth Coffee, Williams or the Cardboard Cafe there are so many cute little coffee shops downtown that are worth trying on a cold and windy day.  

11)  Have a night in

While going out and trying new things can be fun, sometimes staying in on a cold winter night can be a good time too. A night in looks different for everyone but some ideas you can try include baking cookies, playing cards or board games, listening to music, doing arts and crafts, or watching a movie or TV show. Either way, sometimes a relaxing night in is what you need after a long busy week.


12)  Go to the Purple Frost concert

Whether you like country, rap, R&B, pop or something else, the Purple Frost concerts bring in a variety of different artists every year as seen with R&B artist Daniel Cesar last year and pop artists Shawn Hook and Virginia to Vegas this year. I went to go see Shawn Hook and Virginia to Vegas last week and they were absolutely amazing—I had so much fun! My point is that if Purple Frost has an artist you like performing, you should definitely go because you will have a great time! Although this isn’t exactly a winter activity, listening to some good music with some good friends is a great way to have fun without braving the snow.


13)  Dress up and go to Charity Ball

Every year, the USC puts on a lavish formal dance where all the attendees have to get all dressed up—almost like prom in university! The best part? All the proceeds go to charity and this year, the proceeds went to the Women’s Rural Resource Centre. As the event happened last week, if you didn’t go, you can always go next year!


14)  Vote in the USC Presidential Election

Aaaah…the USC presidential election. Which presidential team will win this year—Frank Ye and Jared Forman or Bardia Jalayer and Cat Dunn? Don’t forget to vote on February 4 and 5—your vote makes a difference!


15)  Participate in Relay for Life

Every year, UWO Relay for Life and USC Charity put on a twelve-hour Relay for Life event in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. This year, the event is taking place on March 2 from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. in the Mustang Lounge and will include exciting and energizing activities, and unforgettable cancer survivor stories and ceremonies to recognize those who have dealt with or are currently fighting cancer. I did it last year and it is an incredible event! For more information, check out the Facebook event page.

Let’s be honest, winter can really be a bummer sometimes. Hopefully  if you try some of these activities on my winter bucket list, you can beat the winter blues! This season is hard for everybody so just make sure that you take care of yourself—bundle up, keep warm, have fun and try new things! Hang in there, spring will be here soon.


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