Why I Choose Not To Join The Choker Trend

One night last year, my friends and I were getting ready to go out to a party. We all started straightening our hair and putting on makeup, when I noticed my roommate wearing a choker.

I thought my friend looked like she had just walked off the set of a 1990s music video. We all joked around with her, unsure if this was a fashionable new trend, or just her new trend. I filed this accessory under “one-time wear” and we went out.

The next weekend we went out again, only this time another friend of mine walks into my room with a choker on; even though she was joking about them just last week. Soon enough, all my friends begin wearing them, leaving me here in my choker-less state.

I should have seen this trend coming. Many things that were popular in the 90s are coming back into style: Ray-Bans, flannels, crop tops and much more. I have adopted some of these trends into my own wardrobe, but I refuse to join the infamous choker trend.

I like accessories and jewelry, but personally, a choker is not a necklace. I don’t see it as something that necessarily adds to my outfit. I would much rather wear a silver chain around my neck than a 10-inch piece of black plastic.

The history of the popularity of the choker (take a look at this article) shows how it wasn’t always a fashion statement. In the 1800s, it was a way to remember those who died by the guillotine; it then became an accessory to identify prostitutes; finally, royalty in Europe made it fashionable. The message it symbolizes has obviously changed drastically over the past 200 years.  

Another reason I choose to not join this trend is simply on the basis that I refuse to spend $20 on a ribbon to wear around my neck. While not all chokers are that expensive, the fact that there are stores that successfully sell this accessory for such a high  price is an indication that this trend has gone too far. I find it absurd that people actually purchase chokers for that price. I would rather spend that money on other things (most alternatives involving food).

My theory is this: why spend so much unnecessary money on chokers, when, if I wanted to participate in the trend, I could go to Fabricland, buy one metre of ribbon for around $5 and cut it. This seems like a more logical option, in my opinion. You get the same accessory without the outrageous price.

Crazy prices aside, I simply don’t like the feeling of wearing a choker. I almost feel like my breath is being cut off. I understand the point of a choker, by definition it actually chokes you by completely encircling your neck. Considering I hate wearing tight turtlenecks, which give you more room to breathe, chokers aren’t in my  wardrobe in the foreseeable future.

Don’t get me wrong, some girls look great in this trend. Everyone should wear whatever makes them feel their best, including chokers. In fact, I encourage you to wear them if that makes you feel beautiful. I would never judge a girl based on this trend: everyone has a right to wear what they choose. For example, if my friends need help choosing between two chokers to wear, I would never put them down for even considering it as an accessory. You do you!

However, I’m going to stick with my necklaces and watch this fad fade far away.