Why I am Okay with Being Single

This summer, I found out that I was going to be an Aunt. While I was super excited for my brother and sister-in-law, and love my nephew to death, it also got me thinking about my life and where it was going. My brother and his wife have seemingly had the fairytale romance that most people could only dream about. They met and starting dating in high school, went to separate universities (Western and Queens), got jobs right out of university, moved in together, got married, and are now starting a family of their own. Although they admit that the four years apart throughout their university careers were very difficult, they survived (obviously).

I, on the other hand, have had a complete opposite life. I am currently very single, finishing my fourth year of university, and believe it or not, I am okay with that.  

Decades ago, women would only go to university to get their M.R.S, aka find someone to marry. Now women are pursuing higher education for themselves, building careers and putting off the wife/child life. I used to think along these lines, that I would find my Prince Charming at university, start dating, get married after university, etc. Now being in the position that I am in, I am actually looking forward to being single after university. I realized that I don’t want to follow the traditional lifestyle. I want to do what I want to do before I look back and say “oh I wish that I did that when I had a chance,” before it is too late. I want to travel and explore the world and learn and understand what other cultures go through and what their lives are like. If someone were to join me I wouldn’t stop him, but on the other hand I wouldn’t want him to stop me from going and doing what I have always wanted to do, which is a very real possibility when in a serious relationship.

Now, I am not saying that you cannot do these things when you are dating someone, or are in a committed relationship, you fully can! I mean look at @muradosmann on Instagram, they are serious relationship goals. My point is that I am single, I am okay with it, and I am not going to rush into a relationship just because I want to be in one and have it end up as a total disaster. I would rather wait, figure out what I want and need on a personal level, and explore what life has to offer in the meantime.

My belief in true love has not gone away, just the burning desire has temporarily faded. Instead of investing all of my energy into finding Prince Charming, like some women I know, I am investing my energy into myself. Maybe one day in the future I will be ready to go out “hunting” for a man, but for now I am perfectly content with being single and living my life the way I want too. I would never stop love from happening, but I am also not actively seeking it out. I want to work on finding myself before propelling myself into a relationship just because society says that I need to be in one.  



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