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Spoiler Alert! There will be mention of some events of the show that you may not want to know unless you’ve seen the show. 

There is no doubt that Gossip Girl is one of the most well-known and iconic shows of its time. This teen drama—based on books written by Cecily von Ziegesar—has entranced so many young girls over the years, creating an obsession with the elite lifestyle that can be found in New York City. Von Ziegesar based her novels on real events that she experienced attending a private school that Constance-Billard was modelled after. While the specific events in the show are undoubtedly exaggerated from real-life, there is something about the lifestyle lead by Serena, Blair, and the rest of the characters that is not only fascinating, but becomes even more intriguing when you find out it’s inspired by true people. 

First, some highlights. 

If this show offers you nothing else, it can at least deliver some great scenery of New York. The luxurious penthouses and galas attended by cast members intrigued me personally, because the lifestyle displayed is so far removed from most people’s reality. 

Beyond aesthetics, there are truly some great friendships between characters. The true strength of Blair and Serena’s iconic friendship is up for debate, but some of my favourites are Blair and Dorota, and Chuck and Nate. These relationships demonstrate genuine trust on both sides, without many hiccups or betrayals. 

Another one of the best elements is the character development of some characters who are unfavourable at first. Of course, I am talking about Chuck Bass. His character develops from a sleazy, unlikeable person to someone who experiences genuine love and goes the extra mile for those he cares about. 

Besides all of the above reasons, I enjoy the drama of it all. I find the complex plot and storylines to be extremely entertaining. However, there are many that think the plot is too confusing and at some points repetitive. 

Now, I will move on to some aspects I think could have been better. 

First, I don’t think any friendship could have truly made it out alive after how many times Serena and Blair switched boyfriends. Namely, Serena seducing Blair’s boyfriends not once, but twice while Blair was still in a relationship with them. 

Also, there were a few plot holes that left me confused on certain occasions. For example, right when the audience is supposed to find out who Chuck’s mother really is, we are instead surprised with the news that his father is alive. We are never actually told who his mother is after all. Another example is after meeting their long lost child together, Lily and Rufus seem to never have contact with their son again. 

Finally, for my least favourite part of the whole show, the last episode. I know that the last episode is extremely unpopular among viewers, and even among the cast themselves, especially in regards to the writer’s choice of Dan as the infamous Gossip Girl. Blake Lively, who plays Serena, was quoted saying: “I think the truth is, the writers didn’t know who Gossip Girl was. So, they didn’t really pick it in the beginning, and then at the end, they’re like ‘oh sh*t we have to pick who Gossip Girl is, how ‘bout Dan?’.” The last episode seems to have enough plot development for another whole season jammed into it and leaves so many questions unanswered. 

Overall, I would highly recommend this show. While there are some frustrating moments that don’t make total sense, it’s absolutely addictive. Between the characters’ glamorous lives in New York City and the exciting drama, this show is a must-watch. To make things even more exciting, HBO has confirmed a Gossip Girl spinoff will air in 2021, and I can only hope that it will live up to the quality of the original. Gossip Girl has been available to watch on Netflix for quite some time, however, it will be removed as of December 31st, 2020. Instead, some alternatives are HBO Max, Amazon, Youtube, iTunes, and Google Play, where there is either a monthly subscription or individual seasons/episodes available for purchase. 



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