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University As Told By “Grace and Frankie”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

The third season of Grace and Frankie has just come out on Netflix, giving us more one-liners that seriously crack us up. Here are some gems that apply to all of us in university.


During the first lecture, when the powerpoint turns from “syllabus” to “chapter one”:


Finishing an essay like:


When you haven’t done laundry for a month and have to just find something that smells okay from your laundry basket:


When your friend asks if you want another glass of wine:


When the cab comes:


The first time you go to a bar:


Getting a text from your crush that you’ve been non-stop talking about:


When you come home drunk and wake your roommates up:


When you do about 100 embarrassing things while drinking:


After a night out:


Final semester of fourth year:


When you look at your schedule when all your final assignments are due:


Studying for finals like:


When you finally submit that group project from hell:


When you get a bad mark on an exam:


When you realize it has actually come to an end:



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