Top 10 Sex Toys to Treat Yourself with This Valentine's Day

While Valentine’s Day rears its overbearingly materialized face at those who are single during the month of February, it’s important to remember that self-care has many aspects and that one of them is sexual pleasure. While you may be partnerless this February 14th, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t spend the day practicing your self-love and treating yourself to something special. Besides, a vibrator definitely won’t break your heart or ghost you.

10. Ben Wa Balls: A Workout You Won’t Have To Talk Yourself Into — $33.99 CAD

While kegel balls/Ben Wa balls can strengthen your pelvic muscles and increase your sexual stimulation during intercourse, they can also be used for personal pleasure. This set in particular is made for beginners as the weighted balls are balanced and easy to insert. The website they can be purchased at also includes insertion instructions and the size measurements of the toy.

9. Vibrating Panties: A Party In Your Pants — $74.99 CAD

Who says the vibrations in these vibrating panties need to be controlled by a partner? Whether you just spend the day in bed teasing yourself intermittently or wear the remote ring as a fashion statement while you hide a dirty little secret, vibrating panties can be a fun and exciting way to test out your personal limits. This quiet toy has 10 different vibrations that will certainly spice up your V-Day this year.

8. A Lipstick For Your Other Set Of Lips — $14.99 USD

Speaking of a dirty little secret… despite this lipstick vibrator being able to pass as just a regular piece of makeup in your purse, the three speed toy packs a punch. This discrete toy can be taken almost anywhere as its compact size and packaging is extremely inconspicuous. Imagine leaving your vibrator sitting on your bedside table when your roommate unexpectedly walks in… with this by your side, she would have no idea! Hopefully she doesn’t ask what shade it is or if she can borrow it for her big date!

7. Splish Splash With This Waterproof Vibrator — $12.99 USD

While everyone is out with their Valentine’s Day plans, you could relax, draw a warm bath (complete with a Lush “Sex Bomb” for $7.95 CAD), and treat yourself to some much needed sexual pleasure. This vibrator runs on two AA batteries which are protected within the device for a completely waterproof experience. As an owner of this device, I can confirm that the vibration level varies from calm and slow to pulsating and fast. So… who needs an overpriced dinner or crowded movie theatre? Your plans are even better.

6. Get Hands On with Clitoral Arousal Gel — $16.99 CAD


If you’re not quite ready to jump into the world of sex toys, clitoral arousal gel can be a good place to start exploring your sexual desires. As this water and silicone based liquid is applied to your clit, it begins to tingle and provoke pleasure by increasing the blood flow circulation. Each tube features approximately 75 uses and is fairly mess free. It also does not have any parabens or hormones in it so the gel is entirely safe to use. With the help of this serum, you could spend Valentine’s Day exploring your sexuality and pleasuring yourself.

5. Let’s Go Hand’s Free — $219.99 CAD

As a woman who struggles with allowing myself to feel pleasure, the We-Vibe Sync Vibrator and other hands-free sex toys are life changing. This rechargeable device may be pricier than other options, however, it’s multi-mode vibrations and simultaneous clitoris and g-spot stimulation is entirely worth it. This toy also comes with a phone app in which you can create your own vibration settings. Do you want a toy that will see you through multiple Valentine’s Days? If so, treat yourself to a We-Vibe!

4. Some Backdoor Business — $44.99 USD

While some women may be familiar with anal pleasure, many have never tried it. This beginners kit is perfectly suited for all levels of anal play as it features five different toys to play with. Anal stimulation can be extremely pleasurable, however, you’ll need to be entirely comfortable and have lots of lube on hand. I recommend using water based lubricants as silicone lubricants can cause wear on the toys. Starting at just $8.00 CAD Sliquid’s “Sassy” Water Based Lube is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and 100% Vegan. The most important things to remember if you’re experimenting with anal toys this Valentine’s Day is to relax, breathe, and trust your body—your comfort and pleasure should be the top priority!

3. Dick-On-The-Go — $32.99 USD

This portable penis is a toy that doesn’t stretch the truth when it claims to be 8 inches. As this realistic dildo features a 7.5 inch insertable shaft, the other half inch is a strong suction cup that can be used almost anywhere. It also has a waterproof coating that will finally allow you to enjoy the shower sex you’ve always dreamed of! Additionally, if you end up using this dildo with a partner later on, it is entirely harness compatible. Just be sure to wash it with some $4.99 USD antibacterial cleaner to keep your toy clean and scent-free.

2. The Best of Both Worlds — $34.99 USD

While porn and sexual education preach the importance of clitoris stimulation, G-spot stimulation is just as important. With this vibrator, you get the best of both worlds as it rotates and pulses against both. This device is not waterproof but if you plan on spending your whole Valentine’s Day in bed and ignoring the love fest that exists outside, it’s perfect!

1. The Holy Grail of Sex Toys — $69.00 CAD

My number one is going to what can only be called “the holy grail of sex toys”—the infamous Hitachi. If you’ve ever watched porn, I would bet that you’ve seen a Hitachi at least once. While they are advertised as personal massagers to alleviate sore muscles, their powerful vibrations are now commonly used for sexual pleasure. This device has only two speeds—high and low—but boasts reviews worldwide about its amazing clitoral stimulation. While there are additional attachments you can buy, the original wand itself is typically enough to reach a satisfying orgasm all on its own. With a Hitachi in hand, you’ll hardly remember what day it is anyhow.

Stephen Chbosky once said “We accept the love we think we deserve,” well ladies... I think it’s about time we start accepting the vibrators we think we deserve! Whether you’re newly single or feel forever alone, you deserve sexual pleasure just as much as anyone else. Chocolates and flowers are old news! Instead, with these top 10 toys, devote this Valentine’s Day to satisfying your sexual desires rather than your sweet tooth!

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