Thoughts I Had Chair Dancing For the First Time

This Wednesday, girls from Her Campus Western Ontario ventured out to try “Chair Fit” and “Pole Dancing 101” at Studio Chic in London. Here are my thoughts on my first ever Chair Fit class!

1. What do I wear?

2. Oh good, they have a FAQ page.

3. Tight clothing, got it.

4. I should probably check the bus times.

5. Uh oh ... I have to go right now *runs around my room like a chicken with its head cut off.*

6. Phew, I made it.

7. There are some people from Her Campus, I’ll stand with them.

8. Oh dear, there are no spots left.

9. YES! I see the last one in the corner *runs and snags it.*

10. Wow, this girl beside me is FIT!

11. I like her butt.

12. Maybe I should make this a regular thing.

13. Jeez, this chair cardio is hard.

14. I’m dripping in sweat and it has only been five minutes.

15. My biceps are shaking from these dips.

16. She wants us to do another set?

17. Okay, I can do this.

18. Why isn’t this girl sweating?

19. Okay, now my abs are crying.

20. Thank god cardio is done, time to dance!

21. The fit girl left--maybe I got some sweat on her by accident.

22. Oh well, more room for me.

23. I can not believe how high this girl’s heels are (probably 10 inches at the very least).

24. Why is everyone is putting on knee pads?

25. Instructor: “We’re going to be pelvic thrusting and on our knees a lot, so if you have bad knees, take it easy.”

26. Well that explains why.

27. The first move is a pelvic thrust; this reminds me of a dance I did when I was younger... why did they let us do this move?

28. I have never touched my body like this before.

29. I’m very grateful there are no guys in this class to witness this.

30. *laughs because I’m so awkward.*

31. I am literally humping the floor at the moment.

32. My dad would not approve of this, that’s for sure.

33. Ew.

34. Why am I thinking about my dad right now? Gross.

35. Okay, think of something else.

36. ...Channing Tatum.

37. How awkward did those Magic Mike guys feel when they first learned?

38. Probably not this awkward since they are hot AF.

39. I think this was a signature move in Magic Mike *humps the floor.*

40. I just slapped my butt.

41. Wait... how did she just stand up like that?

42. Feeling myself.

43. This is fun!

44. I wish I washed my hair so I could put it down and whip it around.

45. How has that girl in heels not broken an ankle yet?

46. I wish I had a boyfriend to show my new moves to.

47. Scratch that, I’m doing this for me!

48. I’ve never been so intimate with a chair before.

49. They should make these chairs more comfy for my poor (padless) knees.

50. YAAASSS *as I shake my ass to “Smack That” by Eminem.* 

51. Last time already?

52. Better make this a good one.

53. Really wishing I washed my hair.

54. I have never done so many pelvic thrusts in such a short period of time.

55. I’m into this.

56. Yes, finally nailed that “lunge-up.”

57. I’d call that a successful last routine.

58. That was so fun!

59. I’m a sweaty mess.

60. Everyone has huge smiles on their face! I think they had fun too.

61. I’m glad I went out of my comfort zone and did this!