Ten Hidden Gems at Western and the Affiliates

Believe it or not, you may not know everything that Western has to offer, especially its hidden gems. If you’re a first-year student or even an upper-year student, you might not realize all of the fun and interesting things that main campus and all of the affiliate campuses have to offer you. Here are just a few interesting things that you can do at main campus and the affiliate campuses that will add some fun to your time in university!

  1. Try the food at Brescia.

           Picture provided by author.

The quesadillas are particularly my favourite! Especially when they give you extra salsa, sour cream, and guacamole for dipping. Another favorite of mine is the chinese noodle soup bowl filled with a great portion size of noodles.

2. Go geese watching.

They might seem cute and fluffy but they still do bite. These little creatures are found in herds everywhere around campus. Just be careful to keep walking when you see aggressive geese!

3. Toboggan down UC Hill.

The best time is in between classes with friends. I tried this during Frost Week and I had such a blast that I recommend everyone try this at least once.

4. Go star gazing at The Hume Cronyn Memorial Observatory.

Make a wish upon a star for good luck while you are at it. This is an opportunity to see something that you might not normally get to see. For more information about the hours click here.

5. Go outdoor skating at King’s.

Embrace your inner Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir, or Wayne Gretzky. You can even challenge your friends to a game of pick up hockey. Bring your skates and some friends, it’s free!

6. Enjoy an evening out at the Beaver Dam at Huron.

From alcoholic beverages, delicious food, themed nights, major sporting events, music, movie nights and even free scrumptious breakfast offered at times, you will always have a good time at the Beaver Dam. For more information about events and hours click here.

7. Visit the McIntosh Gallery.


Enjoy the beautiful artwork while taking interesting Instagram worthy pictures. Admission to the McIntosh Gallery is by donations. For more information about the hours click here.

8. Study date at Physics & Astronomy Atrium.

Study in a modern and updated atrium with tons of different comfy study spots. Enjoy the beauty of the building as you study for your exams.

9. Catch a movie at Western Film.

Watch a new release while indulging in the tasty snack bar which includes candy, popcorn, pop, and slushies. Recently, A Star Is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody were both featured there. For movie times and prices click here.

10.      Play a game of ping-pong at the Recreation Centre.

Challenge your friend to a match of ping-pong after you workout, or even if you don’t workout, just try it for fun!

With all of these hidden gems that I have found in first year I hope everyone else enjoys them just like I have. There is no need to leave Western when there are so many more hidden gems to discover, and I intend to find them.