Getting My First Wax: UCC Smooth Wax Bar Reviewed

Getting your first wax is probably one the most frightening experiences for a female aside from childbirth. So, why do it? Personally, I enjoy the feeling of being smooth, but I don’t like shaving every other day and the razor burn that ensues. After talking to Sandy Weir, CEO and Founder of Smooth Wax Bar (Smooth), I learned that, “Students make up an important segment for us especially during September to April ... Students often pop in between classes and don't have to spend time commuting downtown. Faculty and University Hospital employees also enjoy the convenience of our location.” Being a busy student, and afraid to go downtown and have a bad experience just to have to take the bus home, I felt confident in choosing Smooth UCC.

(For more of Sandy’s answers about Smooth Wax Bar, like what makes them different from other wax bars and what types of wax they used, scroll to the bottom.)

Disclaimer: In order to ensure I had enough time to ask my Waxologist any extra questions after the appointment, I alerted Smooth that I was writing a review for Her Campus. All opinions are my own.

I scheduled my appointment using Smooth’s online booking system (link is for UCC location). I found it super easy to do, and I really liked that appointment times were available in five minute increments, because it allowed me to choose an appointment between classes. I’d like to note that you can also choose which waxologist you would like (I had no prior experience so I chose based off what time worked for me).

In the email confirming my appointment time, I was asked to arrive five minutes prior to my appointment to ensure that everything runs on time. After talking to friends who have waxed before and consulting the Smooth website, I decided to take an ibuprofen 30 minutes ahead of my appointment to help with the pain. I was also advised not to shave for at least three weeks to make sure the hair was long enough to wax.

After I had stripped and wiped down, my waxologist, Wendy, explained to me the different types of waxes Smooth uses, and how the wax used each time is determined by the waxologist based on how often the client comes and what they find works best for each area. When the waxing began, I expressed my extreme fears to Wendy, who comforted me and provided me with stress balls to squeeze. Since I went into the experience worried, Wendy expressed to me that she would begin as if she were doing a bikini wax and then move inwards if I were okay with the pain. I highly recommend this to anyone going into their first wax, because you can stop midway through if the pain becomes too much, and still have a nice wax job done (bikini or modest brazilian). If not, you’ll have to go through with the full brazilian because they’ll start at the centre of the skin above the vagina.

The waxing part of the experience was far easier than I ever could have expected. Wendy continuously comforted me, allowing me to take a break to breathe if needed, and asked me questions to keep my mind off of things. After getting to a modest brazilian, Wendy recommended we stop as the skin at the top of the vagina is the most painful. She explained that it would be easier the next time I came in to wax as the side hair would be thinner, so there would be less to wax there. This would allow us to get through the process quicker, so I wouldn’t be in as much pain and would be able to sit through the top being waxed. She also recommended I try waxing between-the-cheeks as it is the easiest hair to remove—and how can you write about it if you didn’t do it? Wendy was right—it was pain free and I am enjoying the results.

After my appointment I was able to ask Wendy any questions I still had. She also provided me with a card detailing how to take care of myself after the appointment, as I may not have taken in all the information while being waxed. My most burning question for Wendy was about the tagline of the Wax Bar, “friends don’t let friends get waxed at nail salons,” since she stated that she had worked previously in salons. She informed me that, despite being a trained esthetician in waxing before coming to Smooth, she found her knowledge about waxing deepend as she began working. This has made her better at her job, like choosing which wax to use for different clients, whereas at a salon there was only one wax, and no proper training about how to use it on different parts of the body.  I saw this through her complete knowledge about the various forms of waxes they had at Smooth, the products they carried for waxing purposes, and how to treat clients so that they feel taken care of.

Overall, I am insanely pleased with my visit to Smooth Wax Bar. I highly recommend for anyone new to waxing or looking for a change to firstly go to Smooth, and secondly to go to Wendy at the UCC. She listened and comforted me, while also leaving me with a beautiful wax job. Having never been to a nail salon, I cannot compare—but I can tell you that I never plan to. Smooth Wax Bar in the UCC is the place to get waxed. Tell your friends, your moms and your dads!

Interested in Smooth Wax Bar but want more answers? Read below for an interview with CEO Sandy Weir!

HCW: What makes Smooth different from other wax bars in London?


a) Smooth was London's original wax bar and has been keeping clients smooth since 2014. We import luxury wax from Australia that minimizes the ouch. We carry two different hard waxes that our waxologist chooses from depending on the skin and hair type. Hard wax doesn't adhere to the skin the way a strip wax does so it is perfect for those extra sensitive parts like below the belt, face and underarms. Having two different hard waxes also allows us to alternate if a client has an allergy to a certain ingredient.

b) We specially train our waxologists to ensure that the wax is efficient (who wants to have hair removed for longer than needed?), effective and to minimize the ouch.

c) Hygiene is super important at Smooth. We never double dip our wax sticks and rooms are sanitized between visits.

d) We offer various options for clients to maximize their savings while staying smooth all year long. Clients can book a la carte services if they wax occasionally. They sign up to a Membership that gives them at least 20 percent off the service if they come in once a month. There is no fee to join, members also get 15 percent off any other waxing services and 10 percent off any products. We also tailor the membership program to eight month terms for students. We also offer Bar Tabs for clients who wax frequently but not every month. They can prepay for six services and get the seventh free which is about 15 percent off. Bar Tab holders also get 10 percent off products.

HCW: Since you’ve opened an on-campus location, you included coupons in the “Westernizer” student calendar books. Why did you make male service coupons valid until the end of April, and females only until November? Do you think this is going to affect how many students come before Reading Week? Do you offer other coupons available throughout the year through social media or Groupon?

Sandy: We have always been in the Westernizer since we opened in 2014. Our female clients tend to be regular waxers so we try to incentivize them to come in early during the school year so that we can get them hooked on Smooth and they can learn about our Memberships and Bar Tabs. Our male clients come in less frequently so we chose to make the coupon applicable throughout the school year. We have not advertised on Groupon or similar sites; however, we do various events and sponsorships on campus and affiliated clubs. Through on- and off-campus events we distribute gift cards and promotional products. We believe strongly in supporting local charities in general and especially events that students work on. We actively donate thousands of dollars in gift cards and products each year.

HCW: Do you expect clients to review the information online about the different types of wax before coming or is that included in the wax time? (I ask because I plan on getting a full Brazilian and it says it will only take 20 minutes)

Sandy: The waxologist chooses the wax rather than the client choosing it. We do ask our clients to fill out an intake form on their first visit which helps us determine if there are any contraindications to waxing or any allergies we should be aware of. That ensures we provide a safe experience for all of our clients. Our brazilians are only 20 minutes because that is all our amazing waxologists need to get you smooth.

Other things to note:

We also have a location in Toronto's Liberty Village. Many of our students hail from Toronto so they like to keep up the Smooth experience by visiting our Liberty Village store. Memberships are also transferable between locations so it is a perfect option for those that spend their summers in Toronto.

Our amazing products! We carry, wherever possible, all natural, handmade products made in Canada or run by Canadians who are more often than not female entrepreneurs. Some of our favourite lines are:


Made in Toronto this line of all natural sugar scrubs, lotions, deodorants and washes is simply decadent. They come in all sorts of yummy scents or unscented for those who have scent sensitivities

I Love My Muff

Made in Vancouver this line of specially formulated products are perfect for below the belt care. They keep your pH balance in check and help keep in growns at bay by moisturizing the skin. The I Love My Muff wipes are one of my staples. I keep them in all my purses, knapsacks and luggage. Perfect for freshening up on the go and I even use them as makeup remover. No nasty chemicals in these wipes!


A company out of Toronto that makes dry brushes from all natural fibres. They come from Sri Lanka and have incredibly high employment standards. They ensure there is no child labour, equitable wages and flexible working conditions for women. Naturopaths recommend dry brushing daily and we love it as it keeps skin exfoliated. They also have a foot butter that is to die for. 100 percent natural and 71 percent organic. I like to put it on before bed, put on a pair of socks and wake up with baby feet.


This is a new line out of NYC created by two sisters and their girlfriend. It is another all natural product that is meant to condition the skin and any hair a client chooses to keep. Emma Watson recently said she uses it everywhere she has hair....her head, brows, pubic area, etc. I also use it on my face as a skin oil. Their ingrown concentrate is an amazing all natural alternative for any ingrowns that pop up.

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