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Six Healthy Eating Instagram Accounts To Follow

A year ago I decided to change my eating habits for the better. Although I did not eat terribly, my eating habits were far from perfect. I began to eat healthier, watch my portions (something I really struggled with) and continue to exercise. As a result, I managed to lose 15 pounds in just a few months (yay!). Surprisingly, this journey has been a lot easier than I thought. And I think the most important thing I have learned is balance! Anyway, along the way, there have been a few healthy eating accounts that have inspired me to eat healthy and try new recipes. The following bloggers are living proof that eating healthy does not and should not consist of boring salads for lunch and dinner everyday (unless you love boring salads). Eating healthy can be creative, fun and most important of all, delicious!

Here are six of my favourite healthy eating Instagram accounts:


1. @shutthekaleup


Jeannette is a health enthusiast whose account revolves around organic, whole foods with minimal ingredients that you can actually pronounce. She makes simple, delicious and healthy meals. Thanks to her, I have found a love for cold brussel sprouts with cream cheese (trust me, it is yummy). She is also extremely sweet and actually replies to messages. Oh and her son Elliott is extremely adorable and entertaining to watch!


2. @rachlmansfield


Rachel has beautiful and creative recipes that are not only great for you, but taste amazing too. She focuses on healthy breakfast, dessert and snack recipes that are mostly refined sugar-free, dairy free and gluten free-friendly. And she introduced me to Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups and I cannot get enough!


3. @myhealthydish_


My Nguyen provides recipes that are healthy and easy to make. She often also includes tasty and healthy Vietnamese recipes. I really love the wide variety of recipes that she offers, she really has something for everyone! Her twin girls help out in the kitchen sometimes too which is super cute to watch.


4. @naturallyella


Erin is a vegetarian with a very inspirational story. After many failed attempts, she finally changed her lifestyle for the better. She now promotes cooking and living naturally. Her vegetarian recipes are beautiful, delicious and comforting. I often get ideas from her whenever I do not feel like eating meat.


5. @ohsheglows


Angela has a well-deserved award winning recipe blog. Her plant-based recipes are some of the most amazing recipes I have ever made. I highly recommend her recipes for meat-eaters and non-meat eaters alike. Angela’s recipes are tasty and satisfying vegan recipes that are not too difficult to make.


6. @minimalistbaker


Dana’s account revolves around easy to make plant-based recipes (and no, she does not only have baking recipes). All of her recipes require 10 ingredients or less, one bowl or one pot, or 30 minutes or less to prepare, which is absolutely perfect for those with busy schedules!


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