Project TD for Mental Wellness

Kin Athletics is partnering with the Canadian Mental Health Association to host a body and mind boot camp this Thursday, April 6 from 12 pm to 3 pm. The event will take place at TD Stadium (hence the name, Project TD for Mental Wellness). Tickets are $10 and can be found here and all proceeds will go to the CMHA Community Programs team.

Be sure to check out this event—it’s a great way to support a worthy cause and to celebrate the end of classes!


What is the event?

Project TD is a multi-faceted wellness event held by Kin Athletics, a student-run training company founded by Allan Wu. Kin Athletics has partnered with CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) as we believe that mental wellness and physical health go hand-in-hand. Our goal is to promote self-care with fun, fitness and everything in between! While we recognize that there are psychological problems that cannot be cured with exercise, we can create a community where we can recognize these struggles and encourage people to use resources in order to achieve their best possible well-being. This is why we are donating all proceeds from Project TD to CMHA's Community Programs team at their Middlesex location, here in London, ON.


What sponsors will be at the event?

The tremendous amount of support from our sponsors and volunteers has truly been the benchmark of Project TD and why it has been such an amazing journey. We have sponsors including: The Purple Spur Society, LiveFit Food, FitClub Bootcamps, Red Rain Energy Canada, North Star and Co. (an entertainment company headed by UWO students), Zeta Psi Theta - Phi Chapter at UWO, Point 6 Apparel (clothing brand by UWO student, Brandon Portnoff), Kangoo Club London Ontario, Connect Athletics & Rehabilitation (training gym founded by UWO graduates, Michael Clegg and Jaime Goleb), and Advantage Coaching and Training (led by Dean Lowrie, one of Western's very own former Women's Volleyball coaches).

What can attendees expect at the event? Is there a schedule?

We have drop-in activities for between your classes at any time during the day between noon and 3 pm.There’s a bunch to choose from as we have several different 20-minute station rounds including:

Station 0: Info Booths and Sponsors including Red Rain Energy Canada KGSA KINnection. Various games such as “Human Sized Beer Pong,” Football Punt into the Mustang's goal posts, and other games to win various prizes such as OntarioBoard hoverboard, Vitamin Water, Kin Athletics bags, Turnt Apparel, Purple Spur t-shirts, a signed Valanciunas Raptors jersey, and much more!

Station 1: CMHA Middlesex who are bringing along relaxation booths, community hand trees, and informational booths.

Station 2: Connect Athletics & Rehabilitation, one of Kin Athletics’ close fitness partners and friends, who will host acroyoga led by Jamie Golob!

Station 3: Advantage Coaching and Training will be hosting mental health trivia questions... boot camp style.

Station 4: Kin Athletics AMRAP Circuit led by Marlon Brown. If you are looking to work up a sweat and get your day's worth of workout within the 20 minute round, this is for you!

Station 5: Kin Athletics’ infamous Fitness Challenges, including:

1) Push ups

2) Planks

3) Bench Press (135lbs male, 65lbs female for ranking)

4) Sled Push

5) Tire Flip

6) Football Combine style timed relay

Come beat your personal bests, as we've seen many records broken at our boot camps. For those who are looking to compete, we are proud to announce we have the support of Western Athletics, as we are granted 12 2016-2017 Intramural Champion Purple Shirts given out at 3 pm to the winners of each challenge for each gender.

Station 6: Flag Football & Ultimate Frisbee. Come out, and enjoy some classic field sports here with your friends.

Station 7: Cardio kickboxing with the Western Rec’s superstar fitness instructor, Francesca Gable. Enough said.


How much are tickets/where can people get tickets?

Our tickets are being sold on Eventbrite for $10 + the service fee. There is also the option to just give donations. Every bit helps!


Personal Testimony from Kin Athletics founder, Allan Wu:

"Project TD began as a vision - to impact others at a community level. As a group of like-minded individuals who had begun running fitness boot camps with Kin Athletics, we were empowered to influence those around us and had an opportunity to create a movement greater than any single person or company. Project TD was born as an initiative to raise awareness and money for mental wellness. By bringing together family, friends, community leaders, campus influencers, clubs, sponsors, organizations, and more, we are looking to bring on a mega fitness boot camp that encompasses it all. Physical and mental wellness are one, therefore we are taking this opportunity to provide value to students looking to exercise both mentally and physically, during this stressful examination period.”


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