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Olivia Foster, Staying Active

Name: Olivia Foster

Age: 21

Program: Ivey

Hometown: Toronto

Tell me about yourself and all of the things you do at Western.

Aside from being a full time Ivey student, I really enjoy being active. I tend to do a lot of running and I practice yoga at Yoga Shack.

I also have a sweet tooth, so I bake a lot. You can find me decorating cakes and trying out new recipes in my spare time.

How did you hear about Her Campus?

I heard about Her Campus in my first year and read a few articles here and there. Now that I’m in my fourth, and final year, I decided to give it a shot.

What’s your favourite thing to do in London?

Get froyo from Chil. No, seriously, I can eat that stuff 24/7.

What did you do this summer?

This summer I worked at TD in the Wealth Management department. When I wasn’t working, I hung out at my cottage, and I even got to attend the Osheaga music festival in Montreal.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

I keep up with the Kardashians #sorrynotsorry.

What’s the best/last place you’ve travelled to?

I went to Brazil with my family and it was an amazing trip.

What’s your goal for this year?

I really want to enjoy my final year at Western! Hopefully I’ll make new friends and write some great articles for Her Campus.

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