A Look Back On The Decade

December 31, 2019 marked not only the end of year, but the end of the decade. Fast forward, and now we’re in 2020: a new year and new decade.

A lot has happened in the past 10 years. It might have felt fast, but looking back will reveal how long the decade was. After all, some of us were children, teens and adults all in the same decade.

Here are a few highlights from each year:


Justin Bieber’s music video for “Baby” came out in 2010. We’ve all heard this song before, and even though it was the most disliked video for the longest time, it was knocked down to second place at the end of 2018.


This was the year when the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton was broadcast for the world to watch. For those who hadn’t seen a royal wedding before, it was quite a sight!


Remember when everyone said the world was going to end on December 21, 2012? Well, since we’re in 2020 now, it’s safe to say it didn’t! Whew, 2012 was certainly something.


Sometimes we just have to “Let it Go!” 2013 was the year Disney’s blockbuster Frozen came out. “Let It Go,” a song featured in the movie, was adored by many. It was played so many times you probably were a wee bit irritated by it, but hey, just let it go!


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a popular challenge that spread across social media. You’ll probably remember this: friends daring each other to dump icy water over their heads. This awareness campaign ended up raising more than 100 million dollars!


Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift was a hit! It was one of the top videos of the year and featured a great ensemble. Plus, you have to admit, they were definitely #squadgoals.


2016 was a year of great technological innovations including the—dun, dun, dun—removal of the iPhone headphone jack. The news was first met with confusion and horror at the idea of not being able to plug in one’s headphones, but along came AirPods and peace was restored.


The phrase “fake news” became a huge hit in 2017. It was no wonder considering all that was happening politics-wise in our neighbouring country. This happened when the president-elect of the United States used it in an interview and then on Twitter. After that, others took the phrase and ran with it!


If you haven’t heard of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, where have you been? Lauded as an emotionally heartwarming movie with great storytelling, it won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature of the year. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, give it a watch!


Other than this being the last year of this decade, Avengers: Endgame was one of the biggest deals in the cinematic universe in 2019. Not only was it the conclusion of superhero stories we’d been following for more than a decade, it was the second last film before the conclusion of Marvel’s Phase Three, the last being Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Seeing all that has happened in the past ten years, it begs the question: what does the future hold for 2020? 

I suppose only time will tell!

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