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Let’s Be Real With “Friends With Benefits”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

Friends with benefits, let’s be real. There is no such thing as two friends who have sex without feelings being involved. The phrase is typically described as being in a relationship without full commitment. You are both are intimately attached as friends and sexually attracted to each other, but commitment is what’s lacking. Friends with benefits will most likely be destructive to both parties since commitment is not present. I am not an expert at relationships, but from my point of view, friends with benefits will always end up with some sort of feelings, and there’s no such thing as “just” being friends who have sex.

If you’re willing to give FWB a shot, here are some thoughts to consider:

1.  Are you the jealous type?

If you have a jealous personality, FWB will be hard to handle especially when there is no commitment. You cannot be mad at the other person if they give attention to someone else.

2. Can you be honest with your emotions?

Is it challenging for you to confront the other person with your feelings without the thought of ruining your relationship with them? Can you communicate directly about how you really feel? If you are not a confrontational person and are afraid to wreck the relationship as a whole, it might make it hard for you to settle into a FWB.

3. Are you easily attached?

Being easily attached is not a bad thing, it just might mean you are a bit more sensitive. If you guys end up going on dates and having fun, you may be more susceptible to be attached with the other person. If this is something to avoid and you believe it is a bad idea, then distance yourself away.

4. What are you really looking for?

Are you looking for something casual or serious? If you are ready for a relationship, FWB might not be a good idea if you think something serious will come out of that, but it all depends on the relationship with that person. Sometimes it will work out, but sometimes it won’t. If you think a FWB is not worth your time, then ditch it, find someone else because there is plenty of fish in the sea! Or if you are looking for something casual with no strings attached, go out and mingle with some fine a** hot people. Have fun, explore your options, and be safe!

Again, protect yourself from destructive relationships and believe in your instincts if engaging in a FWB is susceptible to a heartbreak. At the end of the day, it is always your decision – and who knows, maybe it will work out.

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