From Bar To Bedroom: 11 Easy Steps To Get That Hookup Home

Alright, so you decided that you’re going to the bar tonight and this is it: you want to wake up beside a real person (and not your leftover drunk burrito).  If you’re single and looking to mingle at the bar, you have come to the right place. Keep on reading and I will guide you right from the bar all the way to the bedroom with just 11 easy steps.

1. Look and smell nice

If this isn’t obvious I don’t know what is. When you go out you should be presentable. This doesn’t mean cake your face with makeup, it means be clean, do your hair and spray something delicious-smelling on your body. First impressions at the bar are made solely on looks, so put your best self out there.

2. Don’t go alone

No one wants to hook up with the creepy person standing alone in the corner. Meet up with your friends and have fun—hot friends are a bonus.

3. Show up early

Now this does not mean you show up as soon as the bar opens—but you do want to show up before everyone is spoken for, or too drunk. Usually between 10pm - 11pm is prime time.

4. Make eye-contact

You’ve made it into the bar, step one is complete; now pick your target—scan the room and pick two to three people (who are not together!) that you find attractive. At this point make subtle (but sexy) eye contact with them as you pass by. This will allow you to see who is interested—because they will usually smile back at you—or will tell you who is unavailable or not interested.

5. Offer to buy a drink

Once you have found your focus for the evening, wait until they head to the bar. At this point, make your way over and offer to buy them a drink—or shot. Never just assume, be polite—ask, then cheers and begin drinking together.

Pro tip: ask what they’re drinking, then next round you know what to order! 

6. Dance

This is key though many get this step very wrong. Dancing with someone does not mean you thrust yourself in his or her personal space and begin grinding up on them. Instead try dancing across from them and smiling. If they’re into it they will pull you their way and then you can dance however which way you prefer.

7. Make friends with the friends

Whether it is taking a group shot, dancing up a storm on the dance floor, or just introducing yourself, this will make a big impact. If your friends are with you, this offers up the idea for the other person’s friends to possibly make a move and then everybody gets lucky. Not to mention that friends usually give a sh*t where their friend is going. Ease everyone’s mind and make an introduction so they feel safe letting their friend go with you, but also so you won't feel awkward when you see them in the kitchen the next morning.

8. Go in for the kiss

If things are going smoothly chances are they will want to kiss you—lean in and go for it! Remember, if they’re not into it don’t force it, just keep dancing and making the night fun—eventually they won’t be able to resist you.

9. Don’t dedicate your whole night to them

This is an important one. No matter what the outcome of your night may be, you came out to the bar to hangout with your friends. Even if you have found the person you hope to spend the night with, don’t ditch your friends completely. Not only are you being a good friend, but you’re also showing the person you met that you are not just there to get someone to have sex with you. (But hey, that’s obviously a bonus if they want to!)

10. Invite them to do something

I know you decided that you didn’t want to wake up beside a burrito this time, but that doesn’t mean you can't go get one together right? Whether you are going to get drunk food, make food, or order in—invite your new found buddy. This gives you time to actually talk outside of the noisy bar and hangout more alone. Plus, this is a great time to exchange numbers for future reference.

11. Make small talk

Whether it’s telling a lame joke, saying a compliment or asking them about school, small talk opens the door to more conversation in the future as well as getting the attention of the person you’re interested in.

12. **BONUS**  Set it up in advance

Do you have a certain somebody in mind? Don’t be shy, shoot them a text asking if they’re going out tonight and where? If they answer, great, tell them you will see them there! If not, no need to worry, don’t take it personally; go out and have a fun night and try meeting someone new!

So there you have it, a step by step guide to get you into bed with your bar scene beauty. Don’t be shy, take a risk, but mostly have fun with it! Remember: if your date gets home with you and decides sex isn’t what they want, that is fine. Eat your drunk food, Netflix and just makeout; you won’t regret it! Cheers, and good luck out there collegiettes!

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