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How to Transition your Wardrobe for Fall?

Fall weather is finally here in London! That means you can comfortably wear your jackets and jeans to class without overheating mid afternoon and still not freeze to death on your way home from campus at night. I, for one, have been trying to find those perfect pieces to keep in my wardrobe that will help me transition from summer to fall.


1. Oversized Blazers

In no particular order, the first item I chose was an oversized blazer. These blazers are amazing for layering. You can wear them with pretty much anything black, white or if they are checkered, any accent colour. They look sophisticated and polished, yet chic. Blazers are in every magazine this upcoming season and made several appearances at New York Fashion Week. Emma Hill, a U.K. blogger, inspired this choice. She frequently shares her favourites of the month, most practical purchases, and her fall staples. You can purchase a oversized checkered blazer at Zara.


2. White Sneakers

The next item is white sneakers. These go with pretty much every outfit I have been wearing all of September. The only issue with these is they get pretty dirty walking to campus. A good white sneaker spray is essential to keep them white and protected on those fall days where it can be a bit muddy! I use a Multi Protector spray from the brand NOVI that I bought at Call It Spring. I have been loving my white Keds, but any white sneaker can make an outfit more casual and comfortable. White is super summery and a signature for hot weather so these can definitely be a transitional piece from summer into fall with a cozy knit sweater and black jeans.


3. Jeans

The third item I have found to be my most worn staple for every season are jeans. One type of jean that I wear till the seams burst are the Levi’s Wedgie Icon denim.  They are my absolute favourite jean no matter what season. I wore them almost every day in the summer because they are cut off jeans that come about ⅞ off the length of normal jeans, making them breezy yet provides coverage for those chilly days. These jeans look amazing with just about any top, sweater, blouse, and can be dressed up or down with a pair of booties or flip flops! In the late fall weather these jeans also go great with a pair of over the knee boots. My favourites are from Aldo and can be found here.


4. Wide Leg Pants

The fourth and final item for a summer to fall capsule wardrobe are wide leg pants, which can be purchased at The Bay or M Boutique.

I love these pants because they are very versatile and can be worn with white sneakers, booties or flip flops for a more casual-chic look. This clothing option was inspired by fashion blogger Allegra Shaw. Allegra makes many YouTube videos and is the creator of Uncle Studios, which is an ethical and sustainable clothing company in Toronto. Allegra rocks the wide leg pant all summer and into the colder seasons. In the summer, she goes for pink or red, and in the fall she opts for beige with a white blouse.​

Allegra’s Shop My Instagram


These are just a few of my favourite pieces to incorporate when the weather starts to get a bit cooler in the fall! Whether it’s a cool summer night or a warmer fall day these pieces are what I will be rocking this October as the weather transitions to fall.


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