HCW's "Sex Olympics"

As part of Sex Week, Her Campus Western hosted the “Sex Olympics.” An event advertised as such is sure to spark intrigue – and it did not disappoint! On the evening of November 15, about twenty of our members attended despite the cold, rainy weather. Inside, fall candles, wine and music created an intimate environment for the upcoming activities.

Our Events Team successfully organized creative, sex-positive games that slowly invited everyone to open up and become more comfortable with sex and sexuality. Tame relative to the others, a game of Jeopardy included categories such as “Grossest Things about Sex,” “ABD (anything but dildo),” and “Worst Places to Have Sex,” answers to which had everyone incredulous and laughing.

Following, a play on the popular bridal shower game, “Toilet Paper Bride,” challenged members to create lingerie sets solely out of streamers, encouraging competitive and imaginative styles. With only four models and five minutes, the designs ranged from innocent to kinky to practically non-existent.

    Shauna Valchuk and Charlotte Emeljianow, our Arts and Entertainment and Senior Editors, modelling their unique designs.

For the finale, the feasibility of “the most impossible sex positions” was put to the test by acting them out. The selection involved a number of positions that required parties to defy gravity, perform acrobatics, or simply question the creator’s sanity. Though it often ended in a mess of tangled limbs, it was accompanied by lots of laughter.

The variety and originality of the evening were impressive to say the least. Holly Dunne, VP Events of HCW, said, “The hardest part was probably planning the games because it was hard to gauge which activities everyone would be comfortable with while still having fun with it.”

The effort put into the preparation was clearly not done in vain. Holly was proud of the outcome, saying, “Honestly, the turnout was awesome and I think everyone being so enthusiastic and willing to participate was what made the night so much fun!”

As hoped, providing a safe space where the subject of sex was not just a component, but the main theme of the event eliminated taboo and invited open conversation. By the end of the night, advice, personal experiences, and questions were being passed around freely. The Sex Olympics’ success means it’s likely to return – will you be there to win gold?

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