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DIY Starbucks Refresher: 4 Ingredients, 0 Calories

Sick and tired of spending $5+ on an overpriced drink that’s always filled with too much ice and tastes way to sugary you just know it can’t be good for you? This DIY Drink Refresher takes less than a minute to make, tastes great, has 0 calories and can even help you lose weight. The drink contains mint and lemon which are well-known as natural detoxifiers. Many health junkies along with personal trainers swear by its digestive properties and hunger-fighting abilities. The main ingredient that is reliant on providing that fizzy feature many people love in pop is carbonated water. Its benefits include the  ability to curve your appetite and help prevent you from snacking.


Lemons: cut 2-3 thin slices

Mint: one branch is good enough, ensure that you thoroughly wash beforehand

Carbonated Water: fill cup  ⅔

Water: top up the beverage to dilute the fizziness just a tad




My name is Giulia, it's pronounced just like Julia only its spelt with a G! Anyone who knows me well knows I love my cat and my apartment will always be stocked with wine. I like to think of myself as a self-proclaimed makeup artist considering I spend hours on end studying from the makeup school of Youtube. I'm also a strong believer that animals are our friends, not food!
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