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Club’s Spotlight: Dumbledore’s Army

Welcome to Clubs Spotlight, a series where we’re looking at different clubs all across Western’s campus! Want your club to be featured next? Email us at western@hercampus.com for more information!

This week we sat down with Emily Davison, President of Dumbledore’s Army, a social club for Western students who love Harry Potter!

           Photo courtesy of Dumbledore's Army.

1. What’s your role in the club?

I am the president, so I am responsible for (alongside my VPs), hiring a team of executives at the beginning of the year to spearhead various events, overseeing all of the events and the event planning, helping to budget for events, submitting proposals and communicating with the USC for our bigger events, managing and updating all of our social media and responding to emails.

2. What’s one initiative your club is undertaking this year that you’re excited about?

This initiative has already happened, but earlier this year we held our 3rd annual Yule Ball semi-formal event. At the event, we were able to incorporate Harry Potter themed games and little activities at the event for the first time, where individuals had the chance to win some Harry Potter prizes that we were able to get from Amazon or Indigo. It was a very, very successful event and will definitely happen again next year!

           Photo courtesy of Dumbledore's Army.

3. Why should people join your club?

When I joined Dumbledore’s Army in the first year it was created, I went to their first meeting alone because none of my friends were interested in coming with me. Three years later and I am now the president. This club was such an important aspect of university for me as I met some of my best friends, had some of the most amazing experiences and got to participate in and plan events from one of my favourite book series of all time. It is also such an amazing platform to connect with people, as for most people who join already have one thing in common with everyone else in the club—some form of love for Harry Potter. It is so easy to talk to everyone in the club and make fast friends. So many people have told me over the three years that the club has been running that they have met some of their best friends in the club and the club has been one of the best experiences in university.

4. What opportunities are there for people to get involved with your club?

We will be holding our elections for the four founding positions (President, VP Finance, VP Communications and VP Events) sometime at the end of March. All you will need to do is submit an application, and then the members of the club have the opportunity to vote for who they would like to see in each position. At the end of September, we also release applications for about 10 other commissioner executive positions (such as Yule Ball Coordinator, House Leaders, House Cup Coordinators and Triwizard Tournament Coordinators). Even if you are not voted in or selected for an executive position, there are many events that are quite interactive and encourage member participation.

Speed Round:

Tims or Starbucks: Starbucks

Go to Spoke Order: Turkey bagelwich on Asiago

Fave London Party Spot: Ceeps

Study Spot: Coffee shops downtown

Fave London Restaurant: The Works

King Richie's, yes or no? For wings yes, but I don’t eat pizza anymore!


To find out more about Dumbledore’s Army, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram or email them at dumbledoresarmy.club@westernusc.ca.


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