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Chill Valentine’s Day Jams

There are few things more suited to set a mood than music. With Valentine’s Day in the air, it’s the perfect time to find the best tunes to set the right vibe for either your chill night in or your romantic night out. Whether you’re currently being your own bae or excited to participate in some Valentine’s celebrations, these songs are perfect when you’re in the mood for some chill and relaxing vibes.  

This Spotify playlist will take you through the sultry soul vibes of up-and-coming artist Sabrina Claudio to some classic slow Drake to the R&B sounds of The Weeknd. Not only suitable for Valentine’s Day, add this playlist to your favourites for whenever you’re looking for some soft late-night jams.

Whatever your plans are this Valentine’s Day, play these tunes for some relaxing, romantic sounds.

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