An Open Letter to my Boyfriend on Valentine's Day


It’s me. This is about to be the most public of PDAs—try not to hate it too much.

I think you’re pretty rad—most of the time! Sometimes you’re just kind of rad. But, like, mostly you’re the best.

This isn’t our first Valentine’s Day together, but a lot has changed since last year. Then, we had only been on one date. You bought me flowers, I bought you dates (I still think I won that one). We weren’t really “in love” yet.

Now, I’m pretty sure we’ve figured the whole love thing out. You’ve managed to worm your way into my life and make yourself indispensable, like a symbiotic bacteria or something. Like, before you I was doing just fine but now that I’ve evolved, feeding off our symbiosis, I can’t survive without you. I mean, I could probably survive without you. I just don’t want to. Okay, awful, weird metaphor. But you get the point.

You are so many things to me: a best friend, a grocery store buddy, a sous chef, a board game adversary. You take on so many roles in my life, do so many things to make me laugh and dry my tears, and I know that’s not always easy. I am not always easy, so thank you. And, also, you’re welcome because you’re not always easy either, and boy, do you know how to push my buttons.

So, anyways, I guess the point is never forget that you are so appreciated that I would write you a disgustingly cheesy article on Valentine’s Day with a concussion after telling you we weren’t exchanging gifts of any kind this year (oops). I win again.

I love you more, most, and mosterest.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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