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6 Reasons Why YOU Need a Houseplant & How To Get Started

Ever since I turned fourteen and received my first moon cactus, I’ve been obsessed with growing my plant collection. It started with smaller succulents, then grew to larger and larger  houseplants, and now plants cover almost every empty surface of my house. When I moved away to university into my dorm room, I took a handful of them with me. My plants are a key part of my room decor and, I believe, the reason for my sanity. My plants make me feel so much better in various ways, which is why I always recommend to friends that they invest in their own leafy friends. Sometimes plants can seem like a lot of work to take care of, especially if you have a black thumb. But rest assured, there is a plant out there for you. You may think that you’re doing perfectly well without a plant at the moment, but know that life will be better once you read this article and go purchase your new pal. It might not cure you, but it will at least make you feel a little happier. So without further ado, here are six reasons why I think you need a houseplant in your life, and six plant inspiration photos to accompany them.

1. Plants bring joy to a room!

Western’s campus is currently full of beautiful greenery, but before you know it, it’ll be winter. Bare branches and slush replace the lush trees and make everything look a bit more dull and depressing. During these times, it’s great to be able to retreat to your room and admire the life of your own plants. Even just one houseplant can brighten up a room and add some vibrance to your life during the cold seasons.

2. Growth is exciting!

Whenever I get a new plant, I love to watch it grow. Some plants grow very fast, whereas others grow slowly. A new leaf, flower or shoot is an exciting discovery that will brighten my day. Unlike other room decor, plants are living and changing, which makes them interesting. As a plant parent, you can watch your plant child as it grows from baby to mature adult.

3. A destressing distraction!

Taking care of plants takes a bit of time and effort. Every so often, I’ll spend some time watering, pruning or repotting them. Did you know that houseplants are actually proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and make you sleep better? Spending some time around these leafy friends makes you feel calmer and distracts you from other preoccupations. Even just sitting next to my plants while doing work makes me feel a little more relaxed.

4. New friends!

​If taken proper care of, your plants will be with you for a long time, like a friend for life. Some people like to name their plants, or even talk to them. Fun fact: this may actually help your plants grow, and release more oxygen into the air. Either way, plants are always there for you and will enjoy listening to all your hot goss (unless you forget to water them for a few months).

5. Get rid of those air toxins!

Whoa, did you know that some houseplants purify the air? The snake plant, peace lily, english ivy and spider plant are all prime examples of plants that filter out toxins from your home’s air through their roots and leaves. If you want to breathe cleaner air, then you too need to get yourself an air-purifying plant. They really do always have your back. 

6. Be aesthetically pleased!

Have you been admiring all of these plant-inspo photos like I have? There’s no doubt that houseplants have a brightening effect that can change the entire feel of a living space. Even just one plant can add so much to a room. They’re super aesthetically pleasing, no matter where they’re placed. Make your own room a green haven, whether that be with a large statement plant or a few potted succulents. Plants have so much variety, and one will surely match your bedroom. 

I hope that all of these points and photos have made you at least start thinking about getting your own plant, or continue growing your collection. Both houseplants and succulents can be easily found at grocery stores as well as greenhouses. A plant is a great investment—it’s yours forever, and will look after you as you look after it. Who doesn’t want detoxified air, reduced stress and anxiety, joy and a cute room? They’re easy and affordable—just go buy your new plant already!

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Mia Semeniuk

Western '23

Mia is a first-year student at Western University studying Media, Information Technoculture. She loves taking care of her plants, looking at cute pictures of sloths online and playing card games with her friends.
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