5 Tips For The Digital Classroom

With all that is happening in the world, many of us are being faced with new challenges and difficulties in transitioning from our regular routine to online ones. As finals season approaches, it becomes even more important to find the balance between studying, our personal lives and staying healthy!

When it comes to the digital classroom, here are a few tips:

1. Check your access!

Online learning has its troubles, and one of the most prominent ones include not having access to a physical classroom. Unlike the real world, your lecture hall can lag and glitch the way browsers occasionally like to. Make sure you can access your notes and then do whatever floats your boat: download them, print them out or export them to a tablet.

2. Stick to your routine!

Although it might feel as though summer vacation has come early, it’s important to treat your day like a regular school day. This can be hard, especially if your lectures consist of solely downloading notes and watching videos. It’s easy to get lost in the World Wide Web when videos on TikTok are more entertaining than a two-hour lecture. But don’t give in! Read your lectures and create a study schedule, and do your best to stick to your typical school routine.

3. Have a study space!

Everyone differs in where they prefer to study. Some might prefer studying in their own room, whereas others cannot concentrate there whatsoever. Whatever you prefer, whether that be sticking to one designated study area or moving around from time to time, ensure you choose an environment that betters your productivity and mimics your usual study environment. It will be tough, but this leads to the next point.

4. Take breaks!

Breaks are very helpful! It might seem like a good idea to speed through five lectures in the next few hours, but that might just burn you out. Go for a jog, do a little dance on the spot or spend a few minutes working on a hobby of yours. It’ll be a great way to get your mind off your task and to just relax.

5. Stay connected!

The Internet makes it much easier for everyone to stay connected. Want to talk to a family member across the world? Not a problem! Set a time and give them a call. While it isn’t the best idea to meet your friends in-person right now, there are always other options. Give them a phone or video call, play a game online with them, or watch a movie at the same time. It’ll be like they’re right there with you!

At the end of the day, remember to take care of yourself! In these dire times, that is of utmost importance. For more final-specific tips, check out 6 Survival Tips for Finals. Good luck, and stay safe and healthy!

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