5 Things To Do In Quarantine

Given the current state of the world, it can be hard to lose hope. Even though things may be tough right now, we need to realize that it will end eventually and we just have to push through. So here are five things you can do while quarantined at home that will help pass the time and lift your spirits!

Online Games

Person holding game controllerThere are many online, interactive games out there that lets you virtually play with your friends! If you’re in the mood for a battle and some action, try Fortnite! If you’re feeling more creative, try Minecraft and build whatever your heart desires! Or if you’re just looking to have a laugh or two with your friends, try Jackbox party pack where you can play a variety of group games. It's even possible to play this game over Zoom or Google Hangouts. Regardless, online, group games are just a Google Search away!

Netflix Party

Netflix symbol on TV with a hand holding a remote Chrome has released an extension called Netflix Party that allows you and your friends to watch the same movie in sync. It even has a chat room open where you guys can chat while the movie is playing. Just make sure you have some popcorn ready!

Become a TikTok star

TikTok Rep Image TikTok has taken over social media and there is no better time to become an instant viral sensation. Get together with your family or roommates and learn a group dance, or go down the path of fame on your own! Whatever you chose, it's a great way to get a little active and pass the time.

Try a new recipe​ Jason Briscoe

Personally, when I’m bored I love to bake. Try baking whatever’s got your sweet tooth or go all out and put some effort into making a fancy dinner! It’s a fun way to keep you busy and once you’ve finished, you have something delicious to eat!

Get creative with your workouts

Girl doing push upYes, the gyms may be closed, but that doesn’t have to stop us from staying in shape! Try using the stairs for some cardio exercises or make a space in the living room for a yoga session. There are tons of workouts you can find online that don’t require any actual workout equipment, like this link for example.

We all need to stick together in times like these and it has never been easier to support each other from afar with today’s technology. So round up your friends on Zoom, Skype, Facetime or whatever you choose and make the most of the current situation. Remember to stay safe and to stay home everyone!

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