5 Study Break Spots in London

Exam season is right around the corner at Western, and with exams comes lots of students studying. Whether you’re on campus trying to find a spot at Weldon, or staying home and trying to spread out all your notes on an Ikea desk, you’re going to need to take a study break. If you’re looking for something fun to do that gets you off campus for an hour or two between study sessions, keep reading!

1. The Market

Whether it be the Covent Garden market that’s downtown (and features the best soup in London made by the Piping Kettle Soup Company), or the Western Fair District Saturday market (get a brownie from Canada Comfort Foods—they’re amazing) this is the perfect way to spend an hour away from the desk, and stock up on study snacks and easy-to-make pot pies for when you don’t have the time to cook.

2. Symposium Cafe

With a daily specials menu, this is sure to be a great choice. Since this doubles as a restaurant, you don’t have to worry about seeing students with notebooks all around you. Just relax, and try the carrot cake, it’s delicious. Visit the Richmond location today!

3. Car Dealership (of your Choice!)

This is one of my personal favourites! If you love cars (and free donuts) then this one is for you. Visit your local dealership and go on a test drive. Not only will you learn about the car, you can have some fun too. Find your next car while blaring music down the road and forgetting about all your troubles. (PS, the VW dealership in London has a popcorn machine—enjoy!)

4. Board Game Cafe

If you’re with your friends and decide to take a break together, I suggest this one for you! Cardboard Cafe is the perfect location for students since it is downtown and you can easily bus there. While you play a new game or an old favourite, you can also recharge your battery as they serve hot drinks and baked goods. And if you’re on a student budget, don’t worry—it’s only $6, and you can play all day. Plus, Tuesdays are two-for-one!

5. Paint Your Own Pottery

After spending hours colour coding your notes and filling in diagrams, this is the perfect event for you. At Crockadoodle London you can explore your creative side and paint your own design, or take a mental break and follow a step-by-step colouring pattern. With drop-in hours available and premade pottery so all you have to do is paint, this is the perfect break for students—plus, you get to take home your pottery after! While you’re there, you can swing over to the Walmart or Sobeys to get your groceries while your pottery is being fired. Two birds, one stone!

So there you have it, five unique and fun activities to let loose at, and are *almost* guaranteed to have no students studying in sight so you won’t get stressed. Know any other out-of-the-box activities to do in London or your town? Let me know in the comments below!

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