10 Places To Study That AREN'T Weldon

As we finally make our way to the end of our finals season, and as we gradually lose any motivation we once had to do well, we find it harder and harder to find a seat at Weldon Library. Despite the grand size of our campus, it seems we all find ourselves in one of three locations: Weldon, the UCC or Taylor. For those of you who find these locations a little dry and are done with the grey '60s architecture, here’s a list of locations to change up your study routine:

1. The Music Library

A beautiful, small, quiet library located on the upper floor of Talbot College, the Music Library is conversation friendly but small enough to allow for focused work. With soft lighting and windows overlooking the scenic UC hill, the Music Library is a beautiful central location that will brighten those long procrastination sessions.

2. FIMS and Nursing

One of the newest buildings on campus, the FIMS and Nursing building is brightly lit with an open concept and unique architecture. The space includes many conversation friendly areas with large tables, ideal for group study sessions!

3. Physics and Astronomy

A more central location than FIMS and Nursing, the Physics and Astronomy building is open, well lit and has a unique modern design. While it also offers many large tables for group projects, the space generally remains fairly open, providing a clean space for quiet independent work.

4. Art Gallery Greenery

Though the winter months have us huddled up inside libraries, Western’s outdoor spaces offer excellent opportunities for mental health breaks. In the summer, the greenery beside the art gallery offers picnic tables and decorative rocks for casual readings. In the winter, on your way from Taylor to Weldon, take your time strolling through this icy winter wonderland to let your thoughts sink in and enjoy all seasons on Western's campus.

5. The Grad Club

A space unknown to many undergraduates, the Grad Club in the basement of Middlesex is a unique restaurant-style area for studying with a casual drink. While they don’t accept student meal cards, the Grad Club offers many foods unique to Western’s campus, such as homemade burgers and grilled cheese. With a beautiful patio of greenery for the summer and a cozy bar inside covered in tealights, this space is ideal at any time of year.

6. Courtyard in Med-Syd

If you find the art gallery gardens a little crowded, the beautiful courtyards in the Med-Syd hall residences offer an alternative outdoor space. With beautiful trees and a safe enclosed space, it offers a unique student experience for casual reading and group work in the summer and relaxing thoughtful walks in the winter.

7. Stevenson Lounge

An often overlooked space, Stevenson Hall is a professional and clean space for quiet independent work. While the table space is limited, the lounge offers bar-style seating on stools that overlooks the gardens behind University College: a view few students studying in Weldon’s fifth floor get to see.

8. Affiliate University Colleges - All of ‘Em!

Main campus is certainly convenient for most students, but the affiliate colleges each offer a distinct experience. With Huron’s cozy lounge spaces, Brescia’s scenic views, and Kings’ homey campus-away-from-campus vibes, these study spaces are definitely worth the trip.

9. Arts and Humanities Booths

Though difficult to get, the booths in the Arts and Humanities building offer a unique, conversation friendly, yet quiet, working space. The booths have large tables and a location in the center of the building for a distinct studying experience.

10. UC Hill

If you can get outside before the winter weather, there really is nothing like setting up by a tree on our iconic UC hill: the heart of campus, the spot we all began our journey, and an overall scenic area surrounded by beautiful architecture—UC Hill makes for an iconic study space.

When it comes down to it, if we’re not here to uncover our passions, have fun and make memories, we may as well not be here at all. If you have to study, you may as well make it the most picturesque study experience possible and make even studying a time to remember.

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