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5 Slam Poems Your Empowered Heart Needs Right Now

A few months ago, the world we live in completely changed, and, for better or worse, it’s going to keep changing. From the environment to social justice issues (*cough* Trump’s most recent actions *cough*), the world needs fighters right now–no questions asked. Despite knowing this, keeping hope alive can be exhausting. After all, we are just students trying to survive finals’ season, right? Right, but also wrong. We are the bright minds carrying tomorrow in our hands (no pressure). That’s why it’s so much more important for us to stay hopeful.

I know what you might be thinking: how is a poem going to help save the world? Well, it’s not necessarily. However, words are incredibly powerful things. They shape the way we think, and consequently, the way we act.

Here are five slam poems that will keep your inner fire burning.


1. Pocket Sized Feminism: Blythe Bair

If you’ve ever felt too scared to say something because you don’t want to ruffle feathers, this poem will help you realize that doing the right thing is more important than seeming cool.


2. Somewhere in America: Belissa Escolo, Zariya Allen, and Rhiannon McGavin

In a powerful plea to their country to open its eyes, these three powerful women document the flaws of the United States and call it’s people to action.


3. Rape Joke: Belissa Escolo, Rhiannon McGavin

It’s plain and simple: rape jokes aren’t effing funny. Ever.


4. Once Upon a Sunset: Nasim Asgari

A young social justice advocate for peace, Nasim Asgari isn’t afraid to talk about the harsh realities of war and the impact they have on families and humanity as a whole.


5. When Love Arrives: Sarah and Phil Kaye

Love is one of the few good things humans have to offer, and Sarah and Phil eloquently describe what it’s like to have love around, and what its absence can do.


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Gabriella is in her third year at Western U studying kinesiology and creative writing.
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