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The 36 Frustrations Every Western U Student Will Experience

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

Western loves its purple pride, but more often than not we’re complaining about something or other. Whether you’re a first year or a fifth year, here are the frustrations that every Western U student has at some point:

  1. Going to buy your textbooks at the Bookstore and realizing the line is as long as the Spoke one.

  2. The Spoke line.

  3. Spending a month’s rent on textbooks.

  4. Going to buy your textbooks online and realizing no one is selling them.

  5. Going to sell your textbook online and realizing no one is buying them.

  6. Being annoyed at the “Typical Western Girl” uniform of Lululemon, Uggs, and Canada Goose, but then realizing that you are in fact wearing Lululemon, Uggs and a Canada Goose jacket.

  7. Trying to take the LTC home late and realizing there are no more buses.

  8. Spending a week’s grocery money on Ubers due to said LTC struggles.

  9. Trying to stand up to the geese and having to end up taking a different route home because face it: you were intimidated.

  10. OWL crashing just as you were turning in your quiz at 11:59pm.

  11. Explaining to your non-Western friends that no, you’re not just a party school, but yes, you did go out five times this week.

  12. But you also have Homecoming during midterm season.

  13. The NCB Tim’s line.

  14. The UCC Tim’s line.

  15. The Social Sci Tim’s line.

  16. The Nat Sci Tim’s line.

  17. Snow.

  18. Walking up UC hill in rain, wind, sunshine and snow–all in one day.

  19. The bus being full at Nat Sci, only for the south side residence kids to get out and the bus suddenly emptying.

  20. Deciding to be a productive member of society and waking up early to study at Weldon, only to find that every single table is full at 9am on a Sunday morning.

  21. Deciding to be a productive member of society and waking up early to study at Taylor, only to find that every single table is full at 9am on a Sunday morning.

  22. When a prof refuses to use OWL and you expect to hear updates by carrier pigeon.

  23. When Western decides that they are simply too cool to have a reading week, and they will give us one day instead.

  24. Profs that go for their morning coffee 20 minutes into class when you’ve braved through hell to attend that 8:30am.

  25. 8:30am Friday classes that are three hours long… truly Satan’s work.

  26. Trying to find a spot to eat lunch in the UCC. Good luck.

  27. The lovely, considerate people who sit on the aisle seat on the bus and refuse to move.

  28. People whose backpack needs a seat more than you, obviously.

  29. Western fuckbois. Truly a species of their own.

  30. Pledge week in front of UCC.

  31. People who don’t look when they jaywalk, and then proceed to blame the driver for driving.

  32. Western cheerleaders are too hot. Actually not that much of a problem–more of a beautiful visual privilege.

  33. Saugeen.

  34. First years looking like confused sheep and crowding the UCC.

  35. Western and Sarnia intersection–more like the Hunger Games.

  36. Needing to be Kim K to afford any of the Western merch from the Bookstore. Why is a Western onesie the same price as a textbook?

Ella is proud to be HC Western's President for the 2017-2018 year.
This is the contributor account for Her Campus Western.