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12 Things to Do Over Christmas Break

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I don’t just mean Christmas! While we’re all panicking over essays, final exams and the end of the semester, we have the wonderful Christmas holidays to look forward to. While you’re procrastinating, (we all are) plan some fun things to do while you’re home for the holiday break.


1. Go skating

Winter activities are a lot of fun, and while the rink is often open year round, we forget. So lace up those skates and have some fun.


2. Have a movie marathon

There are so many great christmas movies to see. Spend a day, or a few nights, catching up on a few of your favorites and getting into the spirit of the season.


3. Catch up with friends from home

We don’t see our childhood friends enough, and the holiday break is the perfect time to catch up. Most people are home so grab that cup of coffee you keep meaning to get.


4. Go sledding

Make use of the snow while we have it (and before you get sick of seeing the stuff on the ground). Sledding is a great way to relive your childhood, and it can be a cute date idea.


5. Trim the tree

This one is kind of obvious, but what activity is more in season than decorating the tree for Christmas time?


6. Holiday crafts

While store-bought gifts are great, it is those made from the heart that mean the most. Even if you don’t plan on giving them as gifts, Christmas crafts can make great decorations too.


7. Have a lazy day

You’re off from school. You won’t be able to have another break like this until reading week (and even then, you’ll school work to do). Take a day and do absolutely nothing.


8. Spend time with your family

Don’t forget about the fam jam when you go home. Whether it’s Christmas shopping with mom or shovelling the driveway with dad, make sure you spend time with the family that has been missing you.


9. Do some holiday baking

Christmas cookies anyone? Not only is this a delicious activity, but you can turn it into a gift! Or eat all the cookies yourself, we won’t judge.


10. Go see Christmas lights

Many towns have Christmas light displays for you to see during the season. If there aren’t any you can always drive around with a friend and see whose house has the most elaborate Christmas display.


11. Go skiing

Like I said, winter sports are the best; skiing is no exception. Even if you have no experience they offer beginner classes and it’s a lot of fun.


12. Make a holiday drink

Never tried homemade eggnog? Want a fantastic hot chocolate? Try out a festive drink recipe for the season.



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