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11 Things All King’s Students Know to be True

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

Once upon a time, on a hill just east of Western University, there’s a beautiful university college named King’s.

Okay, just kidding—this isn’t a fairy tale. But to those students who go to King’s, it’s pretty damn close.

When deciding where to go for university, King’s wasn’t my first choice (I know, surprising). To be honest, I planned to go to Brescia or Main. But a good friend of mine convinced me otherwise: Brescia was just a little too small, and Main was just way too big. So, like Goldilocks, I went for the school that was just right, and I’ve never regretted my decision.

Now, after four years of being a King’s student, I have come to really appreciate the school, the students, and the professors. There is just something you get from a smaller, more intimate space like King’s, that you don’t get from a place like Main.

In light of this, I have compiled a list of things all King’s students know to be true:

1. Smaller classes make for a better learning experience.

As someone who has taken many classes on King’s, and a select few on Main, I can honestly say that the learning experiences are completely different from one another. It’s a lot easier to participate in and contribute to discussions when there are only 30 students in a class; I’m all about raising my hand. Also, lessons tend to be more interactive between the students, as well as the student and professor.

2. You’re not just a number.

At King’s, you’re not just a number. If you’re late for class, fall asleep in class, or don’t attend class, the professor will notice. I know for some people this may seem like a bad thing, but trust me: there is no better motivation to get your butt out of bed than the thought of disappointing your professor. Not to mention, the professor knowing you by name makes the learning experience all the more special. To them, you’re not just a student—you’re a human being, and in a lot of cases, a friend.

3. Main campus is terrifying.

When I have to go to Main, the whole time I wish to be back at King’s. To me, Main is extremely overwhelming and confusing, while King’s is my calm, happy place. As soon as I leave, I look forward to going back.

4. It’s easy to make friends.

Since class numbers are relatively small, and the school itself is by no means large, you can count on running into the same people quite often. Once you choose your major, you will subsequently choose your friends. You can count on sitting next to the same people for the rest of your degree, which not only helps with those awkward group projects, but also makes learning even more fun!

5. The SLC is everything.

Also known as the school living room, the Student Life Centre has everything: Tim Horton’s, merchandise, The Write Place, the Reflection Room, couches, a fireplace, a theatre, a gym, and a games room! Literally the best place on earth.

6. Dante Lenardon is a silent maze.

Probably the strangest and oldest building ever, Dante Lenardon has the appearance of a mansion, but is home to many offices and classrooms. When you walk in, any sound you make can be heard through the whole building—it’s almost as though there’s no one there. I just found out last week that the place has a third floor, which may or may not resemble a hobbit hole.

7. The library can either be the greatest or worst spot ever.

Our library is cozy. On the nights when you’re stuck studying until late, the King’s library makes it just a little better because it’s so homey. Unfortunately, because all students feel this way, it can get a little hectic and loud. Thank God for the second-floor silent zone on those days where you just can’t take the noise anymore. I like to call it the “graveyard zone” because it’s so quiet.

8. The Tim Horton’s line-up is a never ending battle.

I love the people that work at the King’s Tim Horton’s, but OMG, it takes way too long just to order a hot chocolate or coffee. Not to mention the line-ups are always long, and by mid-afternoon, the place is sold out of everything. But if there’s no line up, you can bet someone is going to jump on that rare opportunity.

9. The professors (especially those in English) are fantastic.

You can always count on receiving a glowing recommendation letter for whatever occasion—King’s professors always got your back, and they make it a point to get to know you outside of academics.

10. It’s every student’s second home.

Whether you’re living in residence, at home, or in student housing, King’s will always hold a special place in your heart as a second home.

11. Oh, and we (hardcore) judge Main campus.

We just can’t understand how students willingly choose to go to Main when King’s is the best.

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