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Tips For Incorporating Spirituality In Your Life

Have ever done one of those “life pies” where you draw a circle and divide it into X amount of categories and color in how much you incorporate those things into your day-to-day life? Typically, the categories are something like exercise, relationship satisfaction, time with friends, alone time, work, and … spirit? Personally, my life pies have always been just shy of a perfect circle, deflating right at the “spirit” category. 

    If you’re like the old me and don’t know how the heck to incorporate more spirituality in your life when you don’t really identify yourself as a spiritual person, then you’ve come to the right place! Here is a comprehensive list of spiritual habits to get your life pie looking perfectly symmetrical. 

By the way, you don’t need to be a spiritual person or be part of any religion in order to have spiritual practices. I would define a spiritual act as something you do that elevates your connection to the earth, universe, and humanity.  [bf_image id="2qx5txwktvs5b63w3qf93w"]

  1. Meditation 

There’s nothing more grounding than sitting down for a meditation session. Those who meditate often say they feel more peaceful and at ease in the world. Some even report that they feel themselves vibrating at a higher frequency. Try it out for yourself and see how it can help you!

  1. Journaling 

I’m a big fan of journaling and I think it can be a great tool for self empowerment as well as healing. Writing out your thoughts and emotions is as close to free therapy as one can get. 

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  1. Yoga 

Yoga is a great way to become more spiritually aligned. You could do yoga intended to balance your chakras or yoga that involves chants and mantras or just simple stretching yoga.  [bf_image id="7bwqcx9z5vpkfs9qjg899w"]

  1. Nature walks 

Taking a walk in nature is a great way to feel connected to the earth. Feeling the ground on your feet, the wind on your face, the sun on your back, and the trickling of a nearby river can help you connect with the elements. 

  1. Gratitude prayers

Taking time at the end of the day to write out what you’re grateful for can help you feel optimistic and appreciative. Writing a gratitude letter to someone you love can also help you feel more connected to the people in your life. 

  1. Mindfulness (eating, walking, sitting) 

Mindfulness is an excellent practice I’d recommend to anyone. You can practice mindfulness while you eat, walk, sit, and talk. It’s a great way to live a more intentional life free of distractions and self-numbing.  [bf_image id="ttnb9rkksjq7kpx4hx8q7qq"]

  1. Crystal healing

Aside from their beautiful aesthetic, crystals can be really helpful for cultivating certain moods and attitudes. You could keep a rose quartz in your pocket to remind you to keep your heart on your sleeve, or wear a citrine gem around your neck to remind you to look for the good in every situation.  

    Creating spiritual practices doesn’t have to be performative or dogmatic. All you need is an open mind and a mission to connect with a higher purpose, however you envision it. 

Juliana Elg

West Chester '21

Hi, I'm Juliana Elg! I'm a junior Psychology student with a minor in Global Studies and I'm passionate about writing, telling stories, and helping others. When I'm not studying you can find me going on nature walks and painting.
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