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If Greek Goddesses Attended College, Here’s What They Would Study

The ancient Greek goddesses fit into all sorts of amusing stereotypes with their bold qualities and characteristics. It is fun to imagine what the collegiate days of the goddesses might look like, especially considering the wealth of feminine power found within Greek mythology. After all, an article on the Greek gods alone would be short and predictable—frat parties and hangovers 24/7. At the end of the day, it is the goddesses who clean up the mess and get things done. Here’s what eight of these immortal women would spend their time on a college campus doing.



Aphrodite: Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies

Aphrodite is particularly interested in Sigmund Freud’s psychosexual theory and minors in Women’s and Gender Studies. As the goddess of love, she is a shameless feminist who believes that love is love and has no bounds. Outside of classes, Aphrodite is the campus equivalent of Tinder and president of the most exclusive sorority at Mount Olympus University. She also runs a podcast where she covers all kinds of topics on relationships and the latest in sexual health. While she has nothing but good intentions, at the end of the day her match-making skills do not always result in a happy ending as she tends to let her romantic idealism undermine logical thinking.


Athena: Political Science, Prelaw, & History

Athena double majors in Political Science and Pre-law. Surprised? She minors in History because of her firm belief that the past is the best teacher when it comes to strategic thinking. In her spare time, Athena is president of the Debate Club, Pottery Club, and Chess Club as well as being a member of whatever the Greek equivalent of the Phi Beta Kappa honors society is. Athena also attempted to start up the Weaving Club last year but, after a slight mishap involving a spider and no small dose of jealousy, her initiative was quickly overruled by the student government. The goddess of wisdom has the smarts and knows it, so outdoing her in anything is in no one’s best interest.


Hera: Women’s and Gender Studies

As the matron of women, marriage, and family, Hera is a Women’s & Gender Studies major. She is president of another popular sorority on campus and tends to butt heads with Aphrodite when it comes to matters of love, especially around Valentine’s Day. Several of Hera’s sisters got a hold of love potions one year and the mess was incomprehensible. While Hera holds a reputation for being mean-spirited and pushy, she is just a mom friend with a heart of gold. Hera wants the best for all of her sisters and believes in doing whatever it takes to drive them to their full potential. She’s also responsible for the rise of the jealous girlfriend stereotype, but for good reason, though. Zeus, please do better.


Demeter: Agriculture & Sustainability

Talented with cultivating the earth to produce sustenance for mankind, Demeter majors in Agriculture. Recent events in the natural world rushed her into picking up a minor in Sustainability, an area of study she never imagined she would ever need back in the ancient days when the grass was green and the oceans were as blue as the sky. Demeter hopes to learn new ways to heal the earth and prevent mortals from damaging it further with their materialistic ambitions. She has a foot in every environmentalist club available to students and participates in at least one peaceful protest a month.


Nike: Athletic Training & Entrepreneurship

Nike got into her school of choice on a scholarship for track and field. As the goddess of victory, she majors in Athletic Training, preparing for a future of training athletes to be victorious in all of their sporting endeavors. Nike also picked up a minor in entrepreneurship after her first semester. It is rumored she is working on a footwear line…I wonder what she will call it.                   


Hestia: Architecture & Social Work

Forever focused on building things that last, from relationships to a solid campfire, Hestia is an architecture major. As a goddess of the hearth and home, she minors in Social Work and hopes to attend graduate school afterward. She finds contentment in her daily commute that allows her to focus on her studies, avoid on-campus drama, and stay close to family.


Iris: International Relations & Studio Art

As the primary source of communication between the realms of immortality, Iris majors in International Relations. Iris is a skillful diplomat and is often summoned to dissolve conflicts that arise within the student body. Her pleasant nature and tolerant attitude make her nearly impossible to argue with. A rainbow in immortal form, Iris minors in Studio Art. Quite often, she is found after hours asleep amidst an array of drop cloths and paintbrushes in the arts center.



Persephone: Liberal Arts

Persephone is instantly recognizable on campus with her cascade of dark hair, floral-themed everything, and her signature Mason Jar full of her latest organic concoction. Despite being the goddess of spring, she did not follow in her mother Demeter’s footsteps and opted to choose her path by studying the liberal arts. She is still young, so this versatile major provides a wider scope of the world while giving her room to breathe. Ever true to her roots, Persephone tends to wander into the greenhouses and chat for hours with the Horticulture majors. Her flowery aura is shrouded in glamourous mystery, making her the height of intrigue among her peers. She is in an accelerated program that caters to the required six-month internship she undertakes each year with her boyfriend’s business. Where she does it and why is not known, but it is rumored to be in the land of the dead. 



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