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I Rewatched My Favorite Childhood Movies, And You Should Too…

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Over Thanksgiving break, I was surrounded by family and memories. During the holidays my family and I also tend to rewatch holiday classic movies as it seems to bring the holiday spirit. As we were doing so, it made me reminisce on the classic movies I grew up watching as a kid. I enjoyed movies ranging from animation to action movies (that I probably shouldn’t have been watching at my age). I just feel that everyone should rewatch their favorites from their childhood!

Lots of great movies come out each year, but let’s be honest, no matter what, no film could ever replace the films we grew up loving. For me, a film that will always hold a place in my heart is The Fox and the Hound. For those who may not be familiar with the movie, it is a Disney cartoon that came out in the 1980s. Although the animations may be dated, the story will always hold a place in my heart, as it explores themes of friendship and growing up.

I feel as though film can bring people together. Whenever I’m home from college, my mom and I always inevitably watch Christmas Vacation. You know the movie where the old lady wraps her cat as a gift. For us, it’s a classic Christmas film, not just because we rewatch it every year, but because of how hard we laugh at it. We constantly make jokes and restate the lines before they are even said.

I’ve always loved sharks, and for some odd reason, I have to believe it’s because of the iconic movie Jaws. When I was around six maybe seven, I walked into the living room, as my Dad watched it. I remember standing behind the couch and watching from a distance, captivated by the action and horror. I most definitely shouldn’t have been watching the film, as some of the shark attacks scarred me for longer than I’d like to admit…

I truly believe that everyone should try and prioritize rewatching their favorite movies from their childhood. For me, rewatching childhood films acts as a way of reminiscing on the past and sticking to this sort of unannounced tradition of watching certain films. During the holiday season and the end of the fall semester, I don’t think you’ll regret rewatching your favorites growing up! 

Lena Zadroga

West Chester '26

Hey, my name is Lena Zadroga. I'm a sophomore at West Chester, and currently studying English, with a minor with professional and technical writing. I've always had a love for reading and writing, which is why I wanted to join the incredible HER campus writing team. Little fun fact about me is that I have an complete obsession with sharks!