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How to Clean Your Room and Destress While Doing It

Nowadays we’ve all been spending a lot of time in our bedrooms. These spaces have to function as an office and or classroom in addition to where you sleep. So, it’s only natural that we make these rooms as clean and functional as possible. In this article, I am going to break down how you can effectively clean and organize your room, as well as essential tools to get and keep it clean.

Put on your favorite show or playlist 

I always like to have some background noise while I’m doing anything. Having a show or music playing can distract you from tedious tasks. My personal go-to is bobs burgers.

Make your bed

Every cleanroom always has to start with a freshly made bed. So, strip those sheets, and put on a fresh pair. It’s also a great start to get all those pillows off of the ground.

Put away all of your clothes

I think the most effective way to go through all of your clothes is to pick them all up off of your floor and put them in a pile on your bed. Now, sit on your bed and go through each piece, and throw is where it needs to go. If it’s dirty, toss it in the hamper; if it belongs in your closet, throw it in front of your closet, and the same with your dresser. Now all of your clothes are separated into smaller piles; it can be a lot less overwhelming to tackle all the cloths. Go through each pile, fold/ hang-up, and put everything where it’s supposed to go. And with your dirty clothes, go through and do a few loads of wash with darks, lights, and your dirty sheets.

Clear off all surfaces

Now that you can see your floor, you can take a nice sigh of relief. Next, it’s time to tackle all that clutter on your desk, dresser, bookshelf, and nightstand. Grab your trash can or trash bag, go to each surface, throw away all your trash, clean out your hairbrush, roll up all your hot tools, put them in a drawer, and tuck away your makeup.

Organize your surfaces
Sephora Collection

Beauty products can take up a lot of room on your surfaces. A great way to decrease clutter is by using some organizers. You can make some organizers using old boxes, or you can buy some; Amazon has so many; I’ve linked some that are highly rated and very effective. These organizers add some lovely decorations and make getting ready a lot easier.

White hot tool organizer

Pink hot tool organizer

Black hot tool organizer

Clear tower makeup organizer

Clear brush organizer

Clear rotating makeup organizer

Rose gold metal brush organizer

Clean and disinfectant everything 

I suggest investing in some Swiffer products; they make cleaning so easy. If you have wood floors, get your Swiffer Sweeper dry cloth and go around your floor to sweep up any dust or hair lying around. After the dry cloth, use the wet cloth to mop and shine your floors. If you have carpeting in your room, vacuum everything. Make sure to move chairs or anything else in the way and not just clean around objects. Next, take everything off your dresser, desk, and any other surface in your room and go over them with a Swiffer duster to get up all the dust and hair again. Don’t forget to dust off your fan as well; your ceiling fan can get overlooked and so dusty if ignored. After you’ve finished dusting, go over the surface with some disinfectant cleaning spray or wipes. Finally, spray some Windex or another window cleaner onto all the mirrors, pictures, and other glass surfaces. Be sure to use paper towels or a smooth rag to make everything shine.         

Now for the hard part, keeping everything clean. Don’t feel guilty about taking a personal day to make your living space more comfortable. Self-help and self-love are so crucial right now. Your happiness is so important and taking a few hours to clean up where you spend most of your day will significantly improve your life. I hope these tips will help you feel more organized and happier in your everyday living area.

Jacqueline is a senior at West Chester University, located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. She is working towards her Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Culture studies, with a Strategic Communication Concentration. Jacqueline is also working towards her minor in creative writing. In her future, Jacqueline hopes to write a book and find a career where she can pursue her passion for writing and creativity.
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