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Five Minute Yoga Routine to Reduce Stress

Originally Published: Feb.27.2021

Most college students experience stress, but amidst a global pandemic and having to switch to online learning stress has increased drastically. If you’re anything like me you might want to pull your hair out if you hear the words ‘unprecedented times’ again. Well instead of doing that I am suggesting a quick five-minute yoga routine that can be done anywhere in ten easy steps. 

Hold each pose for five slow breathes both in and out, as I like to say inhale the good shit and exhale the bullshit!

Pose 1: Ragdoll, start standing, separate your feet shoulder-length apart, bend forward and hold your opposite elbows in your hands. You should look like a ragdoll swinging forward hence the name. 

Pose 2: Downward Dog, then move into the most commonly known yoga position. This should stretch your hamstrings, calves, and shoulders. 

Pose 3: Pigeon (both sides) next move into a seated position, where one leg is placed straight out and the other leg is bent at the knee and placed in front of you.

Pose 4: Seated Head to Knee (both sides) while on the ground you can move into the next pose having one leg extended forwards while the other is bent in making a triangle, then bend forward and place your head to your knee.

Pose 5: Easy Seat the next pose is relaxing you can sit what some of us refer to as criss-cross applesauce or if you prefer to match your feet together and breathe

Pose 6: Easy Seated Twist (both sides) to add on to the last pose, you can twist your upper body with one hand in front of you and one hand behind you. 

Pose 7: Reclined Bound Angle then staying in the seated position lay back but keep your lower body as it was for a nice stretch in the back. 

Pose 8: Legs on Wall now that you have found yourself laying you can stretch your feet and legs up against a wall and keep your upper body on the floor

Pose 9: Reclined Spinal Twist (both sides) next drop on leg straight in front of you and the other across your body

Pose: 10 Savasana finally you can just lay down and breathe centering yourself with less stress!

Inspiration from yogarove.com

Julia Harpel

West Chester '23

Julia Harpel is a third-year student at West Chester Univerisity. She is working towards her BSED English Writings Track with a Creative Writing Minor. She hopes to one day earn a Master's Degree. Julia is a mental health advocate, environmentalist, and feminist. When she is not at school, at work, writing, or reading, she loves to spend time with friends, go on adventures such as kayaking, and listen to country music.
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