Why TikTok is a Good Addiction

Tik Tok is an app that allows people to express their creativity through 1 minute long videos. There is no specific content expected as it ranges from comedy, dancing, singing, hacks, and more. For a while, I refused to allow myself to get addicted to Tik Tok, but during quarantine I realized why it was so addicting and actually helpful.

First, not only have I learned different hacks that I am grateful for, but I have discovered different and easy cooking recipes that I have tried during the quarantine. Although these hacks are very random, they all seem informative (like how to hang your clothes in your closet to make more space). A really good hack that helped me out during this pandemic was at-home workouts. Although it was not the same as the gym, it was a good replacement.

Like many, I can admit that the entertainment side of Tik Tok, definitely helped me unwind which is very necessary for a time like now. Although I don’t dance, it was always a fun challenge letting my little sister spend hours of frustration teaching me one of the dances.

Lastly, this app allowed many creators and artists to share their work worldwide and grasp more exposure. Makeup artists, small black-owned businesses, and many more creators began flourishing and even made money just from creating content on the app. 

When used responsibly, I think this app can be very resourceful and a great way to escape from the world.