Favorite Skin-Care Tricks From Twitter

Wesley College
United States

During quarantine, I spent most of my time on social media, specifically Twitter. At the same time, I was battling an odd change with my skin that I have never experienced before. I bought every mask, serum, and face wash that was promoted by influencers on Instagram and Tik-Tok. My plead for clear skin must have been heard, and my timeline on Twitter led me to three beautiful Black Licensed Estheticians: @Caveofbeauty (Lily Njoroge), @Labeautyologist (Nayamka Roberts-Smith), and @Makeupforwoc (Tiara Willis). This trio not only saved my skin but taught me tricks that I use today to achieve healthy and glowing skin. 

  1. @CaveofBeauty: Wash your face with cold water.  

I know, it sounds insane. I always believed that washing my face with hot water would really get my skin clean. False! Lily has shared that washing your face with hot water can cause drying and depletion of your moisture barrier! She recommends washing your face with cold to warm water to avoid drying out the skin. 

*** Extra fun fact: Using ice cold water will not close your pores! Why? Pores cannot open or close! Thanks, Lily, for that extra tip! *** 

  1. @LaBeautyologist: 60-second rule. 

 Wash your face for a full minute! Avoid washing for only 30 seconds and any more than 60 seconds. Nayamka shared on her YouTube channel and Twitter page the importance of washing your face for the full minute. Once I implemented that trick into my skin routine, I saw a noticeable difference. Oil cleansing is another step that she stands by! Oil cleansing in the evening before using your regular cleanser helps remove sunscreen, makeup, and other buildup throughout the day. I’ve provided a link to both videos below! 

The PROFESSIONAL skincare tip that will CHANGE your skincare routine FOREVER #60SecondRule 


  1. @MakeupforWOC: Two-finger sunscreen rule.  

The two-finger sunscreen rule might be my favorite part of my morning routine. Tiara shared that in order to achieve maximum sun protection, we must use two fingers worth of sunscreen. Using enough sunscreen helps diminish dark spots, minimize acne, and hydrate the skin. After 60 seconds, I have a natural glow and feel moisturized. Below are some of my favorite sunscreens (No cast!) 

 Black Girl Sunscreen


Neutrogena Hydroboost 

These three estheticians have healed and changed thousands of different skin types and tone through social media. What is now called “Skin Care Twitter” and “Glazed-Donut Gang” has created a community for individuals to adopt an array of tips and share their progress with others. Thanks to them, my skin is healthy and back on track. Check out their social media for more iconic tips and tricks!