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Life’s been going really well lately. You just walked across the stage at your alma mater, and you just secured a new position in your dream career. Then, out of nowhere, you find yourself faced with a new challenge – the post-grad blues creep in. You are super anxious and you start to psyche yourself out about everything good that is coming your way. Facing reality can be a tough pill to swallow. However, it is a necessary evil in order to grow. Here are some strategies I have found to be effective over the years when facing my fears.

1)    Acknowledging that the issue you are facing is not going to go away until you realize it is an issue! Many people in our generation tend to secretly run away from issues that we do not actively acknowledge. It may be childhood trauma, past relationships hurt, or bad blood with an old friend. Instead of reconciling with the person, we choose to repress it and push it to the back of our minds so that we do not have to face the reality of the situation. When we do not acknowledge that there is something wrong with us, we will never be able to grow up from the situation in order to better ourselves.  2)    Journaling! When I find myself in an unfamiliar situation, I will more often than not write my thoughts out either on a paper or on my phone so that I can have a physical representation of what is going through my mind. It gives me the chance to be able to process the situation fully and think before I act. Being receptive instead of reactive can definitely save you from jumping to conclusions and emotionally hurting yourself or others.

  3)    Reassure yourself that what you are going through is only temporary! Whenever we are faced with an unfamiliar challenge or obstacle, we immediately believe that it is the end of the world (especially if you have anxiety). However, reflecting on past struggles or hardships can remind us that what we are going through only lasts for but a season. As I tell myself, “If God created a path through my circumstance before, He will certainly do it again!”  Facing our fears can be terrifying. However, when we take the initiative to face the things that are hindering our growth and actively work through them, it truly is amazing to see just how far we can go! 

Rex Chege

Wesley '21

I am a senior Pre-Professional Physical Therapy major at Wesley College. I have been a casual writer for about 11 years now, specializing in short stories and poetry primarily. Wherever there is room for growth, you will see me actively pursuing more knowledge in order to do so.
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