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As the fall semester slowly comes to an end here are 3 things to remember. Remember your purpose of being in school. What you want to accomplish while being in school, and what this semester will do towards your future. Use this as motivation to finish the semester off strong. Take a moment and write these things down. 

Stay organized. With final papers on top of final exams, remember to schedule study time into your day. Do what works best for you, for example, I like studying in intervals. A few hours for each day, rather than a massive amount of hours the night before. While cramming may work for some people instead, just remember to take the time out to actually do it. This will organize the information better in your brain to ace these tests. Finish strong!

Self-care. Recollect yourself throughout this time so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Whether it is something that interests you do it for a few hours, to take a break from your studies. This will help you feel alive and less hectic. Space out the times you do certain assignments so it doesn’t feel like you’ve been doing homework all day. Watch an episode of your favorite show, run a bath with candles and music, exercise, whatever floats your boat remember to take the time to take care of YOU.

Kyla is excited to be the president of Wesley's first Her campus chapter. She is currently a senior at Wesley College, majoring in English. During her downtime, she enjoys reading, writing, and singing. Instagram @kylatiara_
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