75 Hard: Would You Try It?

Wesley College
United States

75 Hard is a workout challenge where you have to be consitent with your physical and mental health for 75 days straight, no rest. This challenge was brought by Andy Frisella and he wrote a book called 75 Hard: A Tactical Guide to Winning the War with Yourself. I came across a video on TikTok, by @ryleejade.fit, that talked about this challenge and how Frisella stated, in his podcast, that only two people would actually do this challenge. Since that video went viral, many people have tried it since (of course, some people have tried it before). 

This challenge is supposed to challenge your mental toughness and strengthen your relationship with yourself. The idea behind this challenge is to transform yourself into someone who can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Overall, it is supposed to help develop your health and physique, as well as your mind and confidence. 

This challenge consists of five rules only, and they are: 

  1. Be consistent with a diet which means no cheat meals (including alcohol).
  2. Complete two workouts every day, and one of them has to be outdoors. 
  3. Drink one gallon of water a day.
  4. Read ten pages of a motivational/entrepreneur book of your choosing that inspires you or helps you succeed in your business or in life (non-fiction book). 
  5. Take a progress picture every day after completing the challenge for the day (that is, 75 pictures by the end of the challenge). 

This challenge seems like a very brutal challenge, but Frisella has the best intentions. Try this challenge and see how far you get! It is said that it takes a person 90 days to become consistent with something, and maybe 75 days would be enough to get you where you want to be.