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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WesCo chapter.

Disclaimer: I have no idea if a challenge like this already exists, I was bored and depressed and came up with this while I was disinfecting my groceries. 


So, quarantine. That’s a thing now. Everyone is staying home, classes are totally online, families are together all the time, it’s… weird and stressful in unexpected ways. We even have new words in our day-to-day vocabulary, like “social distancing,”  “personal protection equipment,” and “stay-at-home order.”  


Even if you’re a homebody (like me!), having the option to go out and do stuff suddenly taken away is frustrating. So, to combat the frustration and boredom and monotony, I am challenging everyone who reads this to find some sort of joy in quarantine. The only rule is: 


You have to find one thing that brings you joy every single day. 


It can be anything; the littlest, tiniest, most seemingly insignificant things can bring a bit of joy. (Writing them down will help you keep track of them.) Challenge your friends to do it, or just keep it to yourself, whatever is fine; just do it! 


**insert Shia LaBoeuf gif here** 


To give you some ideas to get started, here is one thing for each day of my week that I have come up with so far. (Each of these things has brought me joy and genuinely made me smile, even though they don’t seem huge in the grand scheme of life.) 


  1. My little sister’s smile right after she sees something surprising 

  2. The satisfaction I felt after I completely reorganized the pantry 

  3. The way the air smelled the morning after it rained 

  4. Finding the mug I got for my birthday after losing it for a few days 

  5. The smell of my new shampoo (kinda like honey) 


That’s what I’ve got so far. The challenge started as soon as you read the words “I am challenging everyone who reads this to find some sort of joy in quarantine,” so what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! 

Natalie is a writer and a double major at Wesleyan. She is also the oldest sibling in a large family and a nerd. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys reading, baking, hammocking, and watching fantasy/sci-fi.
Maddy Delaney is the Co-Correspondent for Her Campus at Wesleyan College. When she's not writing, she's hammock-ing, eating mozzarella sticks, or knitting. Yes, she is, in fact, an elderly woman named Edith in a college student's body.