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Sometimes the best advice you get comes from yourself. I recently noticed that I write notes to myself all the time; in class, during meals, when I’m making lists, and when I do homework. I was going through my class notes recently as I wrote papers (that are still in progress as I type this out), and I kept finding completely unrelated scribbles in the margins of my notepaper. They ranged from self-care to-dos to entertainment ideas to research ideas for other classes to motivational messages, and on and on.


 Some I actually followed, some I forgot about or lost until it was too late to use them, and some are just… there. So, for your entertainment, here are some of my “notes to self” from this semester. 


*** DISCLAIMER: I am not providing any context for these notes. They are reproduced as they were written in my class notes. If you decide to actually obey some of these notes, choose wisely. 



Eat breakfast/lunch/dinner 




Have a snack 


Postmodernism: laughing as we descend into the abyss. Random. 


Time is not real 




Take a nature walk 


Drink water  


Drink tea/coffee 






Break up your time 


I’m so biased. STOP. GET OVER IT. READ IT. 




Steve Reich (Youtube) 


To watch: Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds (no music!) 




Run laundry 


Do some of these make sense? Yes. Do others? No, but they’re not meant for you, and that’s the point! So I challenge you to write little notes to yourself and see what nonsense or beauty comes from it.

Natalie is a writer and a double major at Wesleyan. She is also the oldest sibling in a large family and a nerd. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys reading, baking, hammocking, and watching fantasy/sci-fi.
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