Dear Homecoming,

Dear Homecoming, 


Thank you for moments like these...

filing our night with the friends we see and the new friends we are destined to meet.

Thank you for the laughs you bring and the voices many voices that sing 

to the top of their lungs.


Thank you for the food that fills

and the drinks that spill,

and thankfully for the drinks that don’t.


Thank you for the photos.


Thank you for extending and enlarging our homes away from home and creating moments like this.


Thank you Homecoming for continuing stories that are still unraveling...


Dear friends,

Homecoming is a time for us all to live our lives and enjoy the best of our youth. It is moments like homecoming that add to our lives and have the greatest potential to brighten that of others. Take the opportunity to use homecoming and many other events to your advantage by adding them to your rolodex of memories and precious time.