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What to do if you hate goodbyes.

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Instead of saying goodbye, 

buy a package of red velvet cupcakes

and leave them on the counter

with a note that says “I’ll miss you”

but that doesn’t say goodbye.

Instead of saying goodbye,

clean your room out and leave your mattress

just as you found it on the floor, with the sheets pulled up and the pillow fluffed, stuffed animals resting on the sides of the pillows

as if you will return to it later that night.

Instead of saying goodbye, leave a candle

that smells like your bedroom

on the night stand of someone you love,  

letting yourself linger in all of the spaces

that your mind no longer occupies

but your heart won’t fully leave.

Instead of saying goodbye, trace the streets that

you once grew up on,

pounding soles against the pavements of your past

as the daytime turns to evening and the evening turns to night,

Walk by the creek

that you first fell in love with camp inside  

And the campus

where you formed the strongest friendships,

And the lookout-point

where you used to go sit by to cry.

Instead of saying goodbye,

simply pass through the places

that have always surreptitiously defined you

and allow them to pass through you, too.

Instead of saying goodbye, gather friends around the dining room table,

And don’t talk about what used to be

Just discuss

All that is forming

All that’s growing

All that’s always, always, always coming next.

Instead of saying goodbye,

Pick up your phone

Pack up your suitcase

Pick up your heart

and wrap it tightly around your sleeve

Instead of saying goodbye, remember

All the times that you have said it before

All of the places where you’ve lingered and left,

All the changes you have watched pass you by

And just remember all the brilliance that followed.

Remember all the brilliance that followed. 

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