Upstate New York

Upstate New York


Upstate New York was made specifically for the fall. 

Golden hour glimmers through the auburn leaves, 

creating a glowing atmosphere. 

The leaves burn brightly, reminding the existence of their story 

of the summer, the sunny weather.

The crisp breeze cuts the connection of the leaves and their mother. 


We used to go pumpkin picking in the fall. Mother 

would drive us up to a little patch, where fall 

would be most evident. The weather 

would be a lot cooler, making the leaves 

feel golden. The hot chocolate heats their story 

down my chest, warming the atmosphere. 


At night, the golden atmosphere 

turns rotten, the deep blue pours onto the sky, a mother 

leach, sucking out the golden hour’s story. 

The mother waits for the golden hour to fall, 

before engulfing the sky. It leaves 

a sky full of ash, leaving the miserable weather. 


Suddenly the sky breaks, and the darkness creates its own weather 

pattern. The trees speak in hushed tones, whispering in the atmosphere. 

The loud voices of the sun leaves, 

Allowing nature to sing a soft melody like a soft singing mother. 

The music of the air quietly falls, 

allowing anyone nearby to hear their story. 


When the clouds break, the stars twinkle a story 

of dead suns, million miles away in space, their galactic weather 

Sending signals of light to Earth, their light falling 

onto the night sky, lighting up the atmosphere 

with their bright light, a shining bold galactic mother. 

The bright yellow ball brings the pink skies, and the darkness leaves. 


The dusty pink emerges causing cotton candy leaves

to shine, the bark reminiscent of a fairytale story. 

A witch sprinkles her magic to awaken Mother 

Earth. She sends her love through the warmer weather

up into the frost pink atmosphere. 

She brought the awakening noise of the fall. 


The colder weather makes us feel the leaves 

have to turn the atmosphere into a story 

of a mother taking her kids pumpkin picking in the fall.